Feb 28, 2017

6 Life Hacks That Won't Let You Look Haggard After Work

People, who work in helpdesk services, are gifts from God. They provide assistance to those who need it most and make their lives so much easier. They also patiently deal with difficult customers day in and day out – which is why it is no wonder why they sometimes feel and look haggard after a long day at work.

Fortunately, there are some things they can do in order to look (and feel) less tired when they finally head out of their offices; here are some tips:
Limit caffeine intake

It is true; coffee can instantly provide you energy boost to keep you going. However, you have to be wary of its side effects including jitters, stomach ache, and headache.

If you really need a pick-me-up, opt for tea instead. Essentially, it can provide you the same benefits coffee can offer – without the instant jolt, of course. Although, it can definitely still wake you up and re-energize you.
Bring healthy lunches

Bringing healthy lunches can not only save you some money, but also provide you the energy you need for your daily grind. Fruit and vegetables are great for your body, particularly fresh veggies like spinach, which contains potassium, protein, iron, and B vitamins. It can also relieve your fatigue for you.

Whatever lunch you bring, make sure to eat them in small amounts or else they will make you feel sleepy!

Listen to stimulating and quiet music

Whenever you have some free time, it is a good idea to listen to quiet and stimulating music. This will immediately force you to listen attentively because it’s turned down. Your mind will also instantly try to follow through to be able to understand the lyrics to the song you’re listening.

Some people prefer to listen to jazz because it usually doesn’t have a predictable pattern, which means your brain has no choice but to listen carefully.

Do some simple exercises

Sitting all through the day should be avoided. As much as possible, do some simple exercises during your breaks. Take a short walk, if you can. It would also be nice if you can take the stairs rather than the elevator, if possible.

Try to also stand when working. Use a standing desk, so your posture doesn’t suffer. Stand for as long as you can, before you decide to finally sit down.

Expose yourself to sunlight

Exposing yourself to sunlight is a good trick to remind your body that it is still “waking hours.” Go outside your office for just a few minutes, even if the weather is not sunny (e.g. raining or cloudy), to re-energize yourself. If it really is not possible due to poor weather, you can settle with just looking outside your window.
Refresh your eyes

Finally, before heading outside after work, you should refresh your look by de-puffing your eyes. One sure method you can do to make them look less haggard and sleepy is by washing your face with ice cold water. But don’t forget to reapply your makeup afterwards, if you are wearing one.

Say goodbye to looking haggard after work. Just follow these tips and you are good to go – it doesn’t even matter whether you work as a helpdesk service officer or not!
About the author:

Katrina is your average gal living inside the metro who has passion for writing, travel and photography. She admires nature at its finest and always wanted to become one of them. Dreaming to have the Cinderella life one day, humming with the birds, dancing with the clouds.

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Mang Lembu February 28, 2017  

tiap kali kesini selalu harus ke google translate, inilah hasilnya itu 6 Hidup Hacks Itu tidak akan Biarkan Anda Dengar Haggard Setelah Bekerja
kenapa jadi begituh ya?...hehe

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