Mar 2, 2017

6 Pinterest-Inspired Pieces that Take an Outfit from Day to Night

Whether you’re a college student or are grounded in your 9 to 5 job, we all have days when we don’t have the time to change between our social commitments. How do you stay on trend no matter the time of day? Read on to discover 6 Pinterest-inspired styles that will elevate your outfit and help you seamlessly transition from day to night.

This spring and summer, floral is in. Perfect for work, recreation, or a date night, every closet needs a few floral prints to keep your outfits fresh. Add a flowy floral top to some black pants for a classic look, or throw on a budding floral dress with flats for work and stilettos for a night out.

You can find on-trend pieces and prints from online stores like Pink Lily boutique to keep you looking your best 24/7. Get the perfect floral pieces to mix-and-match from morning to evening and stay in style the whole day through!

Bold Stripes

Stripes can be both fun and professional, and this year, bold stripes are here to stay. Tops with blocks of color can revive a boring outfit to make it unforgettable. Pair a bold top with chic pants or a simple pencil skirt for the perfect day-to-night look.


Lace will always be a classic. Nothing gives a feminine touch as lace patterns and accents. Dress up a simple dress with a lace patterned scarf for the office. To take the outfit from day to night, simply transition the scarf from your neck to your shoulders for a more relaxed, informal look.

This year, the 80s are making a comeback. Many of our go-to style items might surprise you. Let’s take a look at a few clothing items that are always appropriate.

The Blazer

Every closet needs at least one versatile blazer to add endless options for layering unique looks. Next time you are shopping, don’t be afraid to grab more than one. With so many cuts, colors, patters, and looks, your new blazer may be your new favorite.  When the clock strikes five, simply turn up your cuffs, roll your sleeves, pop your collar, or throw it over your shoulder for a chic evening look.

The Black Dress

A simple black dress will give you endless outfits for the office and transition perfectly for an evening out. Available in all kinds of styles and sizes, a black dress gives you the boost of confidence you need to tackle whatever your day holds. You simply can’t go wrong with a black dress!

Everyone knows the “Little Black Dress” is essential for any woman’s evening closet, but what about the office? Whether you choose a simple, long maxi or a sophisticated, tailored dress, you can always add a blazer to add a bit of formality for the office. Simply styling the dress with flats will keep you comfortable all day long before quickly switching to cute heels for a night out.


Another hot style trend that hails 80s influence, the tunic is one of our favorite items for Spring/Summer 2017 looks. Known for being especially long, these tops come in every color, pattern, and style, and fit perfectly in any closet. You can’t go wrong with adding several tunics to your wardrobe!

Transitioning from office to evening is simple when tunics are concerned. Simply adding a bright colored or fun, patterned tunic to your slacks or skirt for the office will give your outfit enough drama for after work. You can even take it one step further: many tunics are long enough to be worn on their own as dresses! Simply style with flats or you favorite after work shoe for a cute look or add leggings for a more active evening. You will never run out of options with this versatile item.

Discover Your Own Style

Using these outfit ideas as inspiration, find your own unique style and don’t hesitate to pin your favorite new looks onto your board. This year, let your wardrobe match the styles you see on Pinterest and join the ranks of those who ooze style.

Author Bio
Elaine Grain is a freelance writer and a fashion stylist from Los Angeles, California. With over 10 years of experience working with private clients to revamp and stylize their wardrobe, she has held an authoritative stance on all things fashion and style. When she is not busy working, she enjoys writing informative articles and exercising.

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