Mar 8, 2017

Things to Consider before Getting Hair Color Treatment

In the fashion world, new season often means new fashion trends as well. If you have read the latest fashion news about the hairstyle trends that would be hit for spring 2017, you most likely know that long locks, big curls, bangs and colored hair included.  When it comes to trendiest hair colors for this year’s spring -as said by a celebrity colorist mentioned on cosmopolitan online magazine- there are 15 natural-looking shades of brown, blonde, black, and red that could be your choice. Beautiful hair tones such as caramel brown, golden blonde, soft black and vibrant auburn look so appealing, right?

In fact, changing hair color could be a great idea to get a new fresh look or on the contrary, it could be a mistake if you don’t discover first how to do it in the right way. If you are a busy woman who not able to spend much time for hair care and maintenance; here are things that you should know before making a decision to color your hair.  
Ombre hair
-Choosing the right color that would look good on you is not simple.
Wrong chosen color would make you unattractive or even weird; it is like wearing a bad crown that you could not remove.

Hair colorists always said that picking a shade that suits you should consider your skin tone, eye color and natural hair color. Do you opt for simpler way? Well, if you think your skin a bit too pale (looked-like-blue veins), choose warm or golden tones to add the brightness. If you already have lots of redness in your skin (looked-like-green veins), cooler tones such as black, ash brown and creamy blonde will cool down and neutralize your complexion.

-Decide your plan.   Do you just want to refresh your look or change it totally? Do you have time and money that needed for maintaining the look? 

Highlights should be your option if you just need a slight change and opt for minimal maintenance. Ombre highlighted hair, for instance, it will need regular treatment using extra nourishing and hydrating shampoo and conditioner. The touch-ups still required but only a few times every year. This color treatment suits busy women for its easy maintenance.

If you plan to get ombre highlights or blond highlights in quicker and easier way, wearing hair extensions is the right solution. You can go online to purchase high quality yet affordable 100% human hair extensions at trusted places like DreamWheatHair and then have a professional to put it on your tresses for getting best result. You can care for the hair extensions just like you look after your own hair. It includes brushing, washing, conditioning and drying naturally.

While new color all over your head will require special treatments to keep the look. For example, you wish for a big change from natural black to golden blonde hair. To maintain the beauty, you need to use special haircare products for color treated locks and since your hair grows, the touch-ups on the roots required every 6-8 weeks.  

-Hair dye is a chemical matter; so make sure first that you are not allergic to it. For safety, always follow the mentioned instructions on the product label if you plan to DIY.

-Healthy hair with clean surface will support the color last longer on your strands. Thus it is suggested for using a clarifying shampoo before coloring hair to prepare a good base for hair dye application.

Hope the hints useful enough to make an informed decision. Enjoy your stylish colored hair, girls!

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