Mar 31, 2017

What to Know about Safe Lipsticks

There is no doubt that women and cosmetics are inseparable. Not only to make us more beautiful, cosmetics also used to protect our face and body from the bad influences of weather and environment. One of the most popular female cosmetic products is lipstick that applied to offer color effects so the face looks fresher, form the lips and give the illusion of the lips into smaller or wider.  I always use lipstick or colored lip balm every time going out of home; feel not confident if not doing it. How about you, girls?  
lips by kylie
Good lipsticks are versatile. For example, quality and safe beauty products for lips by kylie cosmetics will beautify your appearance and protect the lips from the sunlight and pollution. Lips that left untreated will experience dryness and blackness. The chosen lipstick for frequent usage should suit your lip condition, skin tone, hair color and personality; moreover, it also functions as a lip protection. Yep, there are things to consider when buying the right lipstick that will look good on you but most of all, it should be a safe product.  

Well, how to choose a lipstick that safe to use?  

Make sure the lipstick created from natural ingredients. Good lipsticks mostly contain vitamin E, aloe and glycerin. These natural elements will keep healthy the lips. The products are riskless to use because they do not have any chemical matter or at least only a small component that still allowable.  It must also have moisturizers and waxes within.  Moisturizers will make lips look fresh and moist. Common waxes components like beeswax, cannauba and candelilla are as adhesive materials. Beeswax is very good for preventing lip wrinkles while carnauba and candelilla are for gluing and giving luster on the lips.

Choose lipsticks that contain oil since inside it, there are oil-soluble matters like  A, E, B and C vitamins that act as antioxidants and elements that absorb free radicals. For example, oils in lipsticks are castor oil which is a vegetable oil, mineral oil or lanolin oil. Lipstick with oils will give the impression of wet lips and prevent the lips from becoming dry and chapped.

After buying good quality lipsticks, you should store it properly –away from the hot temperatures- to keep its function, texture and condition. Remember that safety should always become your priority includes when you buy cosmetics. 

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