Mar 19, 2017

What to Know before Choosing Your Mermaid Prom Dress

Prom season comes soon; many young ladies excited to start their search for the perfect prom dresses that make the wearer looks dazzling at the prom dance party. Among various styles of latest gowns that offered at Prom Dress 2017 collection, a very well-liked and gorgeous silhouette is the mermaid gowns that cling closely to your curve and flare out stunningly around the knee –offering a kind of fishtail impression. No wonder if lots of women adore this dress style but unfortunately this style doesn’t suit every woman.

Are you one of those who desire to look best in prom wearing mermaid evening dresses? There are things that you need to know first to identify whether this type of prom attire is best option or not.

Mermaid style will look great on you if you are blessed with proportional or hourglass body shapes. The dress will accentuate those figures dramatically. But if your body type is apple, pear, or rectangle; you might choose other type of wholesale evening dresses that flatter your figure and cover the problem areas on your body. In this case, you can go online to bridal stores like to find the fittest evening gowns at reduced prices.
Elegant Mermaid Appliques Prom Dresses 2017 Off-the-Shoulder Ruffles Evening Gowns –Price:US$ 147

If you feel shy to show off your curve or you don’t want wearing a dress that highlight your trouble body spots; mermaid style would not be the right dress silhouette for you. For example, a mermaid dress on pear figured women can make hips and thighs appear larger while on apple figured women; waist and belly that look wider.

Mermaid gowns should fit tightly to your figure, that’s why your measurements should be accurate for flawless result and undergarments worn below must be seamless types for ensuring perfect smooth look.
 Modest High-Neck Mermaid Prom Dress 2017 Lace-Appliques Long-Sleeve Evening Gowns - Price:US$ 149

Make sure that the dress still allows you to move and dance comfortably all along the prom. No need to put on improper accessories that might reduce the appeal of the dress since a mermaid dress already full of charms.  

For your ideas, I feature a few gorgeous and trendiest mermaid gowns from Babyonlinedress. Happy shopping, would-be prom queens!  
Plus Size Prom Dresses

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