Mar 3, 2017

Why Buy Organic Makeup? Why Not Spend Less on Conventional Makeup?

You prefer eating food that’s organically produced and wouldn’t imagine bringing a glass of antibiotic-filled milk close to your lips. But, you wouldn’t consider if your face is organic or not?

Do you know what the things you slather on your face contain? The lotions, makeup, cleansers, and creams – are they rich with nutrients or plain chemicals? 

Since a decade, a number of natural skin-care lines have emerged, hoping to make consumers understand that they should apply only organic products on their face and should treat their face with same concern for organics as they do when eating something. Although with mainstream companies covering the industry, as Estee Lauder or Mac, it’s impossible to jump on to the natural beauty products. This is more like changing the complete face of the cosmetic industry.

Here, one drawback to this force of organic skin care products is that, not all will be chemical or pesticide-free, despite what they name might have to say. These generally have the word “organic” written on them, which might just mean ‘minerals or plants’ or might, simply mean nothing at all. A number of companies are also exploiting the growing interest of customers towards natural skin care products by deceiving them with products that contain faulty organic claims only.

Take a tour of the grocery store, you would know organic is organic and would opt for it because it’s the safe choice. But, in beauty industry, even the jury is concerned if certified mineral makeup is actually better for your skin or the conventional. However, despite the conflicts, there are always considerations given to be concerned of, before dusting on the rosy bronzer on your cheeks. The three ingredients you should always watch out for in makeup are:

·         Parabens (causes breast cancer)
·         Phthalates (Affects reproductive system )
·         Talc (causes ovarian cancer)

In addition to the concern of a product being organic or conventional has nothing to do with the fact that whether a specific lipstick, mascara, or eyeliner was tested on animals or contains animal by-products. Because, the brands that are explicitly “cruelty-free” clearly mention it on their packaging.

The beauty industry is however becoming more natural. Organic natural makeup and natural skin care industries are taking a league rapidly and some like IQ Natural cosmetics are very much in formation. Stricter policies are very much going to be in place in United States, until then, consumers need to be more focused on purchasing the right products from the cosmetic aisles.

The three top names so far that walk the walk with their strong ethical values and stated environmental include the following:

Burt’s Bees – This skin care company has been recently purchased by Clorox. It maintains its commitment to customer health and environment. Unlike all major companies, Burt’s is also very transparent about its ingredients and even allows consumers to translate the fine print. However, there’s one thing its customers should know that, they use carmine (red color that comes from the shell of cochineal beetle) in some of its products that need red color, and that is the only alternative and synthetic.

Kiss My Face – This Company makes everything from shampoo to shaving cream and lip balm. It’s an independently owned company and avoids artificial coloring to animal ingredients, as well as chemicals and animal testing’s.

Organic Wear Makeup – Makes products that are made with certified organic ingredients, are free of harsh chemicals, and packs the products in eco-friendly containers. Its products are greater in hiding the under eye bags without the use of environmental baggage’s.

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