Mar 6, 2017

Things You Cannot Ask Your Wedding Planner To Do!

No matter how hard you try, but sometimes your big day can seem like the end of the world. There things you just cannot do without your wedding planner. A wedding planner seems like a magical creature who can say “get done” and things just happen. They add their magic to everything and some are worth every penny for the effort they put into their work. But is it really true? Do they do EVERYTHING?

It’s true! Good wedding planners like Let’s Celebrate Events and Floral Designers do everything – but as long as it’s related to just the event! We asked them to give us an insight on this as wedding planner pro, for the things that clients cannot ask them to do. The list is below, and even if you’re about to plan your wedding and need an event planner to do your wedding, be sure to avoid such things for yourself.

Settle Inhumane Disputes – Your wedding planner is not your marriage counselor and therefore needs to stay out of your arguments with mom or fiancé. The only time a planner can be a part of your dispute is when you have a problem about the wedding planning decision and it’s going out of your understanding. A personal matter absolutely does not weigh in a planner by any means.

Everyday Tasks – For the routine tasks, the event planners generally have some fee associated to it (it might count in for extra hours). Planners might be picking and dropping the bride or groom’s attire from the cleaner, while some errands that don’t occur on your wedding day might incur an extra cost, but usually varies from planner to planner. NOTE: Something a planner might not strictly do is; transport the pets. Check for the fee associated with errands, before you ask your planner to do anything like this in specific.

There are various cases from real weddings where ambulances and cars have been called for guests getting sick, may be because of a food allergy or anything in relation to this. Although, any to every wedding planner will always take the lead and make sure that your guests and you are properly cared for, and avoid situations altogether, so they plan things in advance – therefore be sure that details matter and someone is always taking care of things!

Cater to the Wedding Party – Your event planner is always responsibly available to take care of your important belongings and items, but the main focus of anyone on your wedding and of your planner is strictly you! Keep this in your mind that similar service cannot be for your bridesmaid and groomsmen. A wedding planner is definitely there to make sure that everyone gets ready on time, but otherwise, a planner will have a lot going to run the casual errands. Wedding planners don’t like being taken accountable for anything missing later at night. Moreover, other requests from the wedding party mean that the planner cannot focus on the most significant priority of the show, YOU!

Availability 24/7 – Unless the wedding day, your wedding planner will only is available to you during the regular business hours, so you cannot go calling on him/her anytime at night or after the business hours. Remember that, these people work and have clients other then you. They are not available at all hours and will not return a text by 5.30 a.m. On the very first meeting, discuss the availability of your planner and note down for the hours he or she will be available and when!

Do your research and clearly study who you’ve hired! A wedding planner, a florist, or a related company – whatever the planner is specific to, those are the duties they shall perform and this will not involve unwrapping or removing price tags. If you need a wedding assistance along with this, you will need to mention accordingly.

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