Feb 27, 2017

How to Still Look Feminine in Your Workout Clothes

When it comes to fashion statement, each woman commonly has her own style and preference. There are good news for lots of women who like to look sporty than sexy and seek comfortable value first when choosing outfits to wear.  Have you known that sporty style is already becoming one of the hottest trends of fashion styles nowadays?  While athletic fashion refers to sport specific clothing that most worn for physical exercises; sporty style -in a broader scope- is followed by any woman who wants to achieve a casual look for casual occasions and outdoor activities that might related with sport or not.
Isabella seamless top with Open-Knit Jacquard Pattern on Sleeves and Back
There is one more, girls. A news about 2017’s fashion trends mentioned in Elle online fashion magazine stated that sports bra as a top will be a new hit this year. It really takes crop tops to the next level. A sporty girl who wants to look a bit of sexy can pair her bra top with a high waisted full-length skirt or layer it with a blazer.

Well, how is about many young women at heart along with girlie side who want to put on sporty outfits but still cute and feminine? Gladly, it would not be too difficult to achieve as long as you can pick the right pieces of workout clothes that can highlight your feminine side. Wearing fitness gear that added with feminine elements will make you still look cute at a gym, yoga studio and wherever. It is what you wish for, right?
Salar Legging with floral print

So, here are a bit of hints to keep looking feminine in your fitness gear:

-Wear only pieces of athleisure with fitted-silhouettes. 

Comfort and fit on your body is the key; not too skin tight and too loose either. Well fitting workout gear will look good on you and make you feel confidence at once. So, say no to baggy and too large sporty wear for the reason that they don’t look attractive at all. In other words, oversized tops and bottoms would not make you look feminine as you want.

-Opt for feminine colors.

A woman can use any color for sure but when it comes to emphasize the sweet side of you; choose items in pastel shades, peach, coral, rose, pink or purple.

-Go for eye-catching prints.

Lovely prints such as floral, tribal and polka dot can sweeten your whole appearance.  What is more, you can wear printed leggings or capris –for example- while practicing yoga, exercising in the gym or doing something else fun outside that not related with workout activities.
Demi tank with Wrap-Back Detail with Lace Trim

-Consider other feminine details.  

A little added fashion detail can work a lot. Lace, embroidery, ruffles, glitters, cut out and draped warp details are a few of elements that never fail to add cuteness to a piece of clothes. Who doesn’t love to wear feminine pieces like a tank with ruffled neckline or leggings with lace trims? Fitted long tee-shirt with open back detail will make others look at you, right?

In my opinion, a bit of feminine touch on your fitness outfits is enough to beautify your sporty look. There is no need to put on girly pieces from head to toe, especially if you don’t like to look too soft. For your ideas, I feature here some Fabletics feminine workout gear that worth to choose.

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Lisa Nel March 21, 2017  

Fashion incredible and certainly much sought after by women, including me.

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