Nov 20, 2017

10 Things You'd Wish You Knew About Beer

Beer is the most beloved alcohol in the Philippines and all over the world! You can drink it to party or to relax and it can be found everywhere. But how much do you know exactly about the most popular alcohol in the Philippines? Here’s a few things you didn’t know about it:

3rd Favorite Drink of the World

It comes right after water and tea. After all, you need a little cleansing before the guilty pleasure that is alcohol. Speaking of, in the world of alcohol beer is the number 1 go-to drink!

Hoppy Refers to Flowers

When you hear someone describing a beer as being hoppy, this means that it has a bitter citrusy flavor to it. The beer gets taste from the flower of a hop vine. This also helps to prevent the beer from going rancid.

There are 400 Kinds of Beer

Listing them all down here will take to many words. But the oldest kind is Ale while the most common is Lagers.

Brewing Was for Women

The earliest sign of brewing was traced back to 6000 BC in Babylonia where women would brew beer and it was considered to be a respected task for them. They were referred to as Brewsters. This was a job only meant for women that it was written in their law that men are not allowed to make or sell beer.

Beer Was Important in Egyptian Culture and Religion

The ancient Egyptians regularly consumed beer made from barley bread. This was because they thought of it as a holy drink that could cure illnesses. They even considered it fit to offer to higher beings.

The First Beer Bottle Was Made in 1850

But before this, beer was only sold in taverns and patrons would have to bring their own containers. What people usually did was bring their own buckets so that they could drink enough beer to fill them up until the evening.

Subzero Temperatures Kill the Flavor of Beer

Although a cold beer may sound tempting, one that’s too cold may lose all of its flavor. Instead, keep it at the right amount of cold to enjoy at its best. In fact, some British brew are best enjoyed this way.

Beer Taste is Affected by the Where the Water Came From

Since beer is made mostly of water, the flavor changes for every country since the mineral content is different.

Beer Should Always Be Stored Upright

Why do you think the grocery stores never shelve it lying down? Do this will keep the liquid out of contact with the cap and lessen oxidation and contamination.

The Oldest Brewing Company is 1000 Years Old

It’s called Weihenstephan Abbey and it can be found in Germany. This brewery has been around since 1050 and is still making beers today.

Key Takeaway
So before you have another bottle of the most popular alcohol in the Philippines, appreciate these little fun facts about it. For something that has been around for millennia, it’s very impressive that it’s still one of the most beloved alcohols in the Philippines.

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