Nov 9, 2017

2017 Fashion Trends for Women

Do you know one of the top secrets behind today’s fashion? It is none other than the fashion blogs which helps us create our fashion statements. In fact, a research has revealed that at every 0.2-5 seconds a fashion blog gets published in some part of the world. It is true that nowadays every fashion lover searches for online style inspiration because it’s easy to follow. If you even keep a track on the fashion week magazines, you will get to know about a number of things. Not just the traditional Indian looks but the Western styles even. So are you ready for the 2017 fashion trends displaying the modern fashion wear for women?
Experts of the industry say that ultimate secret behind fashion is the personality-oriented look and this is what the year 2017 aims at. Now when talking about the fashion trends of 2017 the first thing that comes to mind is the Traditional Indian Wear, then follows the asymmetrical layering, sleeve story, fringes & tassels and so on.

Traditional Indian Wear

With the winter season about to start in full swing, everyone is getting ready for the wedding season. Now, this season is all about the traditional Indian wears adding brightness to your overall look. Those lehengas, salwar suits, designer sarees and other heavily embellished garments always stay focused during this period. This season the colour choice that would stand out from the crowd is the opulent and rich shades of champagne gold. Get this hue not just in your lehengas, sarees, cholis, salwar suits but the palazzo pants as well.

Asymmetrical layering

Light layers in natural fabrics will certainly be a great way to beat the heat outside. A fashionista and an owner of a boutique store suggest an asymmetrical and long jacket over a stylish tunic with a palazzo for a smart look. Layering with cool anti-fit separates has been the round-the-clock trend of 2017. The best thing about the asymmetrical cuts is it has been quite popular this year and is still continuing. In fact, its playful nature adds cheerfulness and fun to a look, thereby, saving it from becoming overdone.

Sleeve Story

Sleeves with slits have been the trend since the beginning of the year. Ruffled sleeved tops and floor-length sleeves on lehenga blouses worn over the jeans have been ruling the market quite some time. It is said that wearing such combos will be the easiest way to dress up, of course, without any kind of fuss.

Fringes & Tassels

When you are looking for modern fashion wear for women, keep one thing in mind that fringes & tassels will make perfect accents on your dress hems, dupattas and handbags. A fashion designer says that be it in suede, denim or leather, this bohemian trend will add dimension to any plain outfit. In fact, these fringes and tassels are the best way to smarten up any bleak look.

Hope, the above-mentioned information was helpful for you to know about the 2017 fashion trend for women.

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