Nov 10, 2017

Five Must Have Beauty Items You Should Keep In Your Handbag

It’s fun to carry around handbags, they’re pretty and colorful, they accessorize your outfit, and they serve a much greater purpose. You can keep a lot of things in your handbag that is very handy. But there are some things that you need at your disposal at all costs. I’m going to tell you about five beauty products that you should keep in your handbag, read on:

Face wash and wipes:
Certain things must be kept in your bag. They help you in different ways. One of these essential things is the face wash. You must keep it in your bag. It helps you in removing dirt from your face. Nowadays herbal facial wash is also available in the market. Their result is more effective and does not have any side effect. Therefore, it is better to use natural products. Along with that, you should also keep wipes in your handbag. You can use them anywhere, and they help you in keeping your skin fresh and glowing.

Lip and Cheek tints:
This product is a must, and I don’t even need to tell you that! Almost every woman has a lipstick in her handbag. You can also use lip balm in that regard. It helps in keeping your lips look fresh and natural. But I want you to modify the concept a little bit and get yourself a lip stain that also serves as a cheeks tint. Compressing two products into one is an amazing way of making sure you don’t have to check anything off of your makeup lost due to less space. The best part about a lip stain is that you do not need to carry a lip liner along with that.

The reason I suggest keeping eyeliner in your bag is that you might end up having an unpredictably long day which ends at a social gathering. So to change your natural, subtle makeup look up into something more glamorous that makes you look like a diva, all you need is some drama on the eyes. Quickly sketch a cat eye with this eyeliner that's not harmful to your waterline. This is my quick night makeup tip. It changes your look completely and makes you look beautiful.

Mascara alters the way your eyes look, and it can make them appear wider and overall it just makes you look awake. Mascaras are all-in-one, as in the increase the length, give volume and a nice upward curl. The mascara wand plays a vital role, if you have mascara with a good formula but not so good wand, try replacing it with a special mascara wand. Best mascara for sensitive eyes should be your preference.

Mirror and a comb:
You must have these two things in your handbag. If we talk about a mirror, then it helps you in doing a variety of things. While a comb is important to tidy up your hair that adds more beauty to your look and personality.

Author Bio:
Jane Auston is a makeup artist and stylist. She is obsessed with fashion, makeup, and new makeovers. She regularly blogs at Style Down the Aisle.

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