Feb 6, 2019

4 of the Top Places to Stay in Thailand for Expats

When you are an expatriate in Thailand, you cannot just choose any place randomly like a traveler can, because you will need to think about long-term expenses, safety and the quality of the living standards as well. To help new expats figure out which are the best places in Thailand to find accommodation in, here are the top four picks that won’t let you down.
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Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai beats Bangkok as far as long-term staying is concerned because of two main reasons:
1.   The climate is much cooler
2.   The lifestyle is much calmer
A place of cultural and religious importance in Thailand, Chiang Mai isn’t lacking in modern conveniences either. There are malls, movie halls, high-class restaurants and even quality hospitals in Chiang Mai, but all of this is available here at a lower rate than in any of the major cities of Thailand like Bangkok or Phuket.Also, it is one of the safest places in Thailand for women to live in.

Koh Samui

If you would like to stay on a paradise island that boasts of palm trees, gorgeous beaches, moderately warm weather and is surrounded by a deep blue ocean, there is no better place to live in Thailand than on Koh Samui. Thanks to Lub d, expats and travelers can now get accommodations Koh Samui right on the stunning Chaweng Beach itself, without having to break the bank, or worry about safety. Whether you are planning to visit the island on a weekend with the family, or just thinking about settling on the island altogether, Koh Samui won’t let you down either way. As far as safety is concerned, there are a few things to be wary of in the shadier parts of the island like drugs, but singular attacks on women are almost non-existent in Koh Samui, as per records.


This one is as obvious as things can be, and some may argue that Bangkok isn’t one of the better places to live in Thailand, but that depends. First and foremost, a lot of expats who come here to work do not even have an option. Secondly, if you are a young couple, or just a bachelorette living the Thai expat life, Bangkok could be one of the best places in the world for you! Of course, it isn’t as beautiful as Koh Samui, but if you don’t mind the vibrant and colorful lifestyle of the city, and can get over the awful traffic, Bangkok is an awesome place to find a house in. Just remember that it isn’t the safest place for women in Thailand, so try to know and practice some of the common precautions.


They don’t call Phuket “The Pearl of the Andaman Sea” for nothing, and once you get on the main island, it is likely that you will tend to agree. It’s a gorgeous place that doesn’t totally sacrifice on Thailand’s natural beauty in favor of modernization. Nonetheless, Phuket is known for its wild nightlife, clubs and cabarets, so it will never get boring here. For those that prefer a peaceful life away from all the noise, you are going to find Koh Samui or Chiang Mai a better fit.

These are the top four places that anyone with experience would recommend to an expat, but a lot also depends on how much you have to travel for work every day, if at all. The experiences are vastly different of course, but as long as you stay in any one of these four locations and practice a bit of caution, chances are that you will not be disappointed.

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