Feb 13, 2019

7 Plans to Create to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it is no wonder that you are looking for some ideas to make your loved ones feel special. Whether is be for a spouse, your parents, a child, or dear friend, we have some great ideas for plans that you can make in order to let your loved ones know just how much you love and care about them. Remember though that what matters most is being in the moment and listening, no matter how the plans turn out.
Take Them Out to Dinner
A sure way to make your loved ones feel special is to take them out to their favorite restaurant. Tell them to order whatever they want (if you can afford to say so), and maybe even order the same meal as them. Going out to eat a meal together is a great way to liven up the mood, have a change in pace, and probably enjoy some delicious food as well. You can ask them about their job, their weekend plans, what they look forward to in life, and if there is anything you can do to be more supportive of them in helping them in reaching their goals. Being a close friend or lover is so important in today’s busy society, so if you take them out to dinner, be sure to be present and enjoy their company above all else.

Plan a Movie Date at Home
Feel like staying in? Or maybe your loved one enjoys the peace and comfort found at home. If that is the case, then pick out your loved one’s favorite movie, make their favorite movie treat be it chocolate, popcorn, or rice crispy treats, and snuggle up for the evening. Be sure to get some good laughs in, and strive to make some new memories. This is a simple and enjoyable way to make your loved one feel happy and appreciated, and it lets them know that you pay attention to the little things. You may even end up chatting throughout the whole movie, which is a good sign that you are spending quality time with your loved one, and connecting in a valuable way.

Buy them Flowers and have them Delivered Straight to Their Door
If your loved one is miles away, it is still easy to let them know just how much you care. A simple flower arrangement can speak volumes, especially if you write a note and have it delivered to their door. You can do this on a special day for them, like a birthday or anniversary, or on a random day just to let them know you are thinking about them. Flowers by Jane Delivery does same day deliveries, and offers a wide selection of beautiful flowers that are perfect for any special occasion. Flowers are always a great way to put a smile on somebody’s face.

Cook a Meal with Them
There is nothing that speaks louder than cooking a meal together. This means you can create something new, or traditional, in the same space, and then enjoy it together. It does not matter if the meal is a total bust, or if you do not have all of the ingredients. What matters most is that you put a splash of love into the recipe mix, and have some fun. There are some great simple recipes for first time cooks, so do not be intimidated or overwhelmed if you have never cooked before. This might make the experience that much more valuable and memorable. What matters is not the food, but the loved one you are with.

Make Plans to Help Them with a Task
If you know that your loved one has a difficult or tedious task ahead of them, like cleaning the house or starting on a new project, ask to help them out. You can easily spend the whole day, or just a couple hours being attentive to them. This is a sure way of letting your loved one know just how much you truly care. Taking the time to help them with a task is a very sincere way of letting them know that they are important to you. Such plans are also significantly different than planning a more enjoyable event, as you are volunteering to jump into your loved one’s life. While you are together, remember to keep smiling, ask them what is going on in their life, and just listen. Your company is enough.

Plan a Picnic Together
What better way to enjoy somebody’s company than outdoors with food? Make a couple sandwiches and cookies, grab some waters and fruit, and head out to your favorite picnic spot. Maybe that is at the beach, or along a trail, at a playground, or even in your backyard. You can make paintings out of the clouds, and even feed the birds. This is a great way to get closer to your loved one in a stress-free environment.

Do Their Favorite Activity
Maybe your loved one likes to run, or play the guitar, or go to museums. Whatever it may be, figure it out, and then do it with them. You do not have to be good at it, in fact, this may make for a more enjoyable time together. Remember to let loose, be yourself, try something adventurous, and strive to learn something new from your loved one. Doing so will let them know that you appreciate their positive energy and that you enjoy spending time with them.

There are endless ways to let your loved ones know just how much you care. The small acts of kindness go a really long ways, as do making special plans. When your loved ones feel appreciated, you also feel incredible, so be sure to put in the extra effort. Doing so can go a long ways, and you will always have the memory of your time together.

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