Feb 14, 2019

7 ways to look elegant on your friend's wedding

You open the letter. It's the invitation you've already heard so much about. As you say a happy yes, now is the time to think about the kind of look you want for this occasion. In many cases, the bride will give you at least a few week's notice about her upcoming party. This gives you enough time to plan out the wedding you want. You are looking for a look that lets you pay homage to the bride on her big day. You also want a look that won't complete with her choice of wedding dresses Sydney. It all helps to think about the details and how they will come together for that day.
Bridal Role

If you've been invited to be part of the bridal party, you might be asked to wear a certain kind of clothing. Ushers and other male members of the party may be asked to wear formal clothing like a tuxedo. A bridesmaid might be asked to wear a gown in certain color or specific style. This is the time to contact the bride and find out what she has in mind. She might have a dress she'd like you to wear or let you decide between a few different kinds of styles.

A bride can often help the bridesmaid select a style that will help her look elegant on her big day. She might suggest one bride have a longer hemline while another might choose something a bit shorter. Many brides also provide their brides with other help in looking elegant such as keepsake jewelry that is her gift to her attendants.

Dress For the Season

The passing of the season should be taken into account when dressing for a wedding. A guest should think about what's going to look good on her at that time. What works in July isn't going to be as ideal in January. A guest should think about how to keep warm or cool while still looking elegant. In many cases, the wedding will take place in more than one location. A guest should take that into account and plan accordingly. For example, she might opt for a wrap when she's at the indoor wedding ceremony location and then take it off when she's in a garden for the reception.

Find Out Her Colors

In many cases, the bride and groom will opt for a specific color scheme. Ask them in advance what colors they're going to use. Now is the time to think about which colors will flatter your personal skin tone. Think about your underlying colors. You might have warmer skin tones or something a bit cooler. You want a dress that will show off your skin to best advantage. Work with the bridal colors. For example, if the colors are pale green and pink, you might want to aim for something in that pastel color wheel that looks just as good.

Great Hairstyle

An elegant look starts with an elegant hairstyle. For a formal wedding, you can opt for a hairstyle that's equally formal. Long hair can be corralled in many ways. Hair that's caught up on the head in a chignon is one look that makes many women look great. Another possibility is a series of braids such as a French braid or two simple braids piled on top of the hair with flowers and ribbons woven in the design. If you have shorter hair, you might want to consider a hairpiece to add length and volume. This is also the time to think about getting a haircut. Time it so you're close to the wedding day for a look that's neat and trimmed.

Perfect Accessories

Any outfit needs the ideal accessories. When you're going to a wedding, you want accessories that look just as good as everything else you're wearing. For a formal wedding, you can bring out all the good jewelry you've inherited and purchased on your own. A statement necklace can show off your generous cleavage. Add in earrings and a similarly bold bracelet. You can bring out a bag with equal bling that has plenty of upscale accents. Tone it down slightly if you're going to a less formal occasion. Simple navy pumps, understated silver jewelry and a plain black bag are good choices.

Professional Makeup

Women who know exactly what looks great on them can apply their own makeup on the wedding day. For women who aren't quite as sure, now may be the time to hire a professional for help. A professional makeup expect can offer ideal guidance. They can bring out all sorts of makeup that will show off a woman's beautiful eyes and her high cheekbones. The makeup artist can also help her create a look that completely matches with her chosen outfit. A makeup expert might suggest eye shadow colors that just brush the eyes. They can also help her pick out other forms of makeup such as lipstick. This way, she can bring them out as the wedding ceremony continues and afterwards. When you're going to have lots of pictures taken of your on this day, even if you're not the bride you'll still want to look your best.

The Right Outfit

Any great bridal look all begins with the dress. For a wedding you might want to look for something already in your closet or buy something new. A new dress is a good choice if you've lost weight or you just feel like treating yourself. It's best to avoid shades of white or ivory so you won't compete with the bride. Think about styles you can wear a few times. Classic dresses like the a line or a dress cut on the bias are always going to be in style. Another option is a pantsuit in a dressy fabric. Look for pantsuits with lacy and other details that make it clear this is a look for the wedding.

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