Feb 13, 2019

7 changes first time moms need to prepare after having a baby

Many women will make the choice to become a mom. Becoming a mom is a chance to make the world anew and bring a brand new into their lives and the world. At the same time, becoming a mom can have unexpected physical effects on a woman's body. A pregnant woman should be fully prepared for the changes that may happen to her body and her mind after she's had a baby. Knowing what to expect can help any woman feel more comfortable in her body. It can also help her determine how to best to combat any changes. This will help her fully recover from the rigors of childbirth and possibly even consider having another child.
Breast Swelling
After a woman has a baby, her breasts respond to this process. As the woman's pregnancy progresses, her breasts will begin to swell with milk to feed the new life. Once the baby is born, a woman will continue to experience many different changes to her breasts for at least a few weeks even if she plans to nurse. These changes can be dramatic and uncomfortable. All women should have the proper support. High quality maternity bras can really make a difference. They help support the tissue and ease the discomfort a woman may feel. Breasts that are heavy with milk may need to special care. A woman who is planning to nurse will also want to consider the purchase of nursing bras. Nursing bras have a mechanism that lets one cup fall to one side without the need to remove the entire bra. This allow the baby easier access to the mom's milk and make it possible for her to have privacy when she's nursing.

Back Aches
Another common symptom that many women feel before and after giving birth are back aches. The woman's heavy breasts and can cause additional stain on the woman's body. This can affect her upper and lower back. A woman may have issues with movement as a result of carrying the baby. For example, a condition called sciatica might begin in pregnancy. As the pregnancy continues, the woman may further find her movements impeded. A woman may also find that this condition lingers even after she's given birth.

There are specific actions that a woman can take to help ease this pain and any form of back pain. A woman should keep off her feet late in pregnancy if she can. After the birth, she can and should resume exercise to help her recover. Exercise like swimming can help reduce her pain and give her the support she needs in the water at the same time. Other exercises like gentle yoga can also help.

Changes in Foot Sizes
One change that many women may not know about are changes to a woman's feet, legs and ankles. As the baby grows, it can cause all kinds of changes in her legs and her feet. She may have painfully swollen veins that protrude from her legs and continue to do so after she's given birth. In many cases, a woman's ankles will immediately swell with fluid before she's ready to give birth. After she gives birth, her ankles may remain swollen for a few weeks or so before going back to normal. The feet may spread and will usually get larger during the pregnancy. Once she's given birth, most women have bigger feet. Many women's feet grow half a size or even more with repeated pregnancies.

A Mom's Brain
Just as the pregnancy affects the body, it can also have effects on the brain. Many women find that such changes continue once the baby is born. The ways that pregnancy and birth cause changes in a woman's brain are only beginning to be understood. What is clear from the research is that such changes are profound. The changes that happen after the baby is born affect many areas. A woman's feelings may change as well as her outlook on the world. She will have to deal with such changes carefully to make sure she's not overwhelmed.

Weight Gain
As a woman's pregnancy continues, she will gain weight. Women put on weight to help make sure the baby gets enough nourishment during every stage of the pregnancy. Once a woman gives birth, she will lose some of the weight she's gained. At the same time, she may not be able to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight. This is entirely normal. Any woman who's just given birth should allow herself enough time to think about how to lose the baby weight carefully and slowly. Specifics such as taking a walk with the baby can help along with the decision to nurse.

Muscle Loss
Giving birth is very tough on the body. A woman may have all sorts of issues with muscle strength as she gives birth and afterwards. This is common and normal. Many woman find it ideal to resume physical activity as soon as they can. Lifting light weights can help a woman build up muscle strength again. Carrying a baby can also help the woman regain her upper arm strength and help her feel more like herself more quickly. With proper attention to detail, a woman will find it possible to head off muscle loss and get in good shape again.

Other Internal Changes
In addition to some obvious changes, there may be other changes internally. Once a woman gives birth, she may have specific changes to her reproductive organs. A woman gives birth naturally can have issues that may need repair as she gives birth. Stitches used for such repairs may need further repair in the hands of experts. Now is the time to look closely at a woman's body. She needs to pay close attention to her own physical needs right now. Proper attention to her own body makes it easier to care for the needs of her newborn baby.

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