Sep 12, 2019

7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Easier

Nervous. Agitated. Concerned. These are few words that describe the roller coaster emotions brides-to-be and grooms-to-be often feel on their big day.

In spite of all the planning, sleepless nights and effort that has gone into making the wedding a success, about-to-be wedded couples cannot help but worry whether their prior preparations are enough to guarantee a smooth day.

Granted, these are legitimate concerns. And, regardless of the details that went into the wedding plans, things could still go wrong.

But, in this piece, we are not going to focus on what could go wrong.
It is a one-in-a-lifetime experience and our goal is to help make it easier, smooth sailing and a memorable one for you.


Acknowledge you cannot do it all and that you need help; then go ahead and actually ask for the help.

It is not uncommon to see brides wanting to be involved with everything and, in the process they drain themselves. Sure, it is your day and you want everything to be perfect even if it means doing things by yourself.

But soon you are going to feel overwhelmed. Trust your bridal party and family to help out, they are there for a reason.

Hire a planner

Couples often underestimate just how overwhelming, chaotic planning a wedding can get.

With so many things to do: from décor ideas, sitting arrangements to ensuring everything goes smoothly, do yourself a big favour by hiring a wedding stylist to handle some of the workload.

With a planner coordinating activities for the day, you can sit back and really enjoy the experience.

Keep an emergency kit handy

Pack everything you will need for those unexpected beauty mishap moments and stash them in a pretty bag you can carry with you throughout the day. This means you can touch up your make-up without having to go back to the bridal suite.

Photo checklist

Wedding photoshoots can be a time drain and source of stress if not planned out ahead. First, you will want to talk to your wedding photographer about the ideas for the photo session – how many you would like to take, with whom and where.

You may want to take family photos and get them out of the way before quests start arriving for the reception so you can spend the maximum time with those you have invited to spend your special day with.

De-bloat naturally before the D-Day

Wedding day bloat is uncomfortable. And, not only that, you could surprisingly find out your dress does not fit.

To avoid this hassle, stay away from diary products for a couple of days, to de-bloat naturally.

Guest Postcards

After the wedding, you will want to thank every guest that came. You can save plenty of time by having guests write their address on a postcard.

Consider also to use personalized stamp with your name and your soon-to-hubby’s and address to quickly fill out the thank you cards.

You can even save more time by discreetly numbering all the invitation cards and matching them to names on the guest list. This way, you can easily identify each card when you get them back, especially if the names are illegible.

Enjoy the day

It is your day after all and you want to savour every moment of it. Note though, jitters are perfectly normal; however, do not let them spoil you day.

Take deep breaths intermittently, remind yourself everything is going to be fine. Remember, your friends and family are all here for you. They have got your back and are willing to go to any length to see you have a wonderful day.

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