Sep 10, 2019


Being a wife with a busy life is hard these days. You have to bear all the responsibilities of a household, from preparing meals and taking care of children to doing other chores.  In this hustle and bustle of life, you hardly get time to take of yourself. Well, when it comes to self-care, women can still manage to take care of their face but those poor feet remain neglected. Take note that feet are too important to ignore. They bear severe pressure everyday and so we need to keep them fine and healthy. This foot care is also crucial to avoid all minor and major feet issues.

Well, you don’t have to visit a branded salon to take care of your feet. Wearing the right shoes, for instance if you suffer from diabetes, consider wearing diabetic sandals for women and a few helpful tips given below will let you achieve optimum foot health:

Clean and dry feet

Feet are quite prone to bacteria and so, it is important for you to keep them clean every time.  Wash them every morning and before going to bed at night. Make sure to dry them with a soft towel after every wash. If you come from outdoors, wash your feet properly right after you enter home.

Alternate Footwear everyday

Have at least two pair of shoes and wear them on alternate days. This is required to get rid of trapped odor or bacteria. Also, wear clean socks every day and wash your shoes once a month. If you feet sweat a lot, wear synthetic socks and breathable shoes. Use antifungal power on a frequent basis. You can also try soaking your feet in vinegar water for 10 minutes.

Exfoliate & Moisturize

Layers of dead skin cells tend to develop over your feet. Remove these dead cells with the help of exfoliation that will barely take 3-5 minutes. Exfoliate your feet with a homemade sugar scrub (sugar mixed with oil). You can also use a pumice stone or foot brush. Once exfoliation is done, rinse your feet with water, dry them thoroughly and apply a good moisturizing cream.

Toenail Care
Clean your toenails regularly and trim them every week. Trim them straight instead of trimming the edges into a curve. Also, do not cut nails too short.

Wear Right Shoes

Wearing proper footwear is very important to keep your feet comfortable all day long as well as to keep them clean and dry. Make sure to wear footwear that allows for maximum comfort and support. While shopping for shoes, keep in mind that they possess wide toe boxes and are made of breathable material. If you are fond of high heels, pick heels that are stable and wide. Try not to wear heels higher than two inches.


A foot massage after a long fatigued day will diminish the entire foot ache rendering a soothing effect. Massaging will also increase the blood circulation and will give you sound sleep. So, massage your feet gently before going to bed. If possible, use a electronic foot massager.

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