Sep 13, 2019

Fine Choices for the best Choice of Prom Suits

Drapes, boucle and tweed are the classic materials used to sew prom suits. Modern prom suits, of which the belt is an element, are made of genuine leather, wool or suede. To create an interesting image, it is combined with various accessories.

How to choose the color and material of the prom suit

The color type of appearance will help you choose the right color. Scarlet shades give a blush to the cheeks, and refresh the face. White is considered impractical because it is quickly contaminated.

As for the material, the prom suit is sewn from various materials. Tweed is a fabric that weaves like a Christmas tree. The product from it does not fade, but it must be protected from moths. Cashmere is considered expensive material. It adds softness. Therefore, the prom suits from it are warm, practically do not get dirty.

How to choose a quality prom suit

First check the density of the fabric and insulation. This will help you choose a warm prom suit. On a smooth lining, the seams should be even. The hem of the prom suit should be about 3 cm, and the sleeves should be 2 cm. Pay attention to the depth of the pockets, as well as the quality of the patch pockets.

If the prom suit is of high quality, then the seams will be even, made with small stitches. For faux fur trim, the seams must be felt, otherwise it can tear quickly. This will show how well the prom suit is made.

The prom suit must be selected according to the figure. If a woman is not tall, then a medium-length prom suit is suitable for her. If the girl is tall with a good figure, a model with a belt will be a good choice. Wide hips will hide a trapezoidal prom suit. Narrow shoulders will visually increase a prom suit with a large collar in a plain color. Also pay attention to the length of the prom suit and skirt or dress.

Fashionable prom suits of autumn

Fashion houses present prom suit models in the form of a cape. Actually, there are bold models for modern fashionistas. They can be either long or shortened. The presence of embroidery and decorative ornaments focuses on precisely such models. Such prom suit options do not have sleeves, but there are only slots for the hands, which gives the image a special tenderness and romance.

  • The grunge style is again at the peak of its popularity, a check prom suit is especially relevant. The size and color of the cell does not matter. It can be both gray not catchy color, and bright, bold decisions. The winning color this season is the soft pink or black color of the cell. The main rule: to successfully choose the style and cut of a checkered prom suit, and it will look exactly perfect!

For girls with uniforms, designers offer a range of great prom suit options. Models with pronounced lines give the image clarity and successfully emphasize the merits.

Wide cut is another choice of modern designers. Vivid prints, funny peas, stripes and lines - all these fashionable details give the image a unique and vibrant look. Floral print does not leave leadership positions. He looks bold in the autumn. Original patterns and intricate ornaments. Such a choice is made by bold, modern women of fashion.

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