Sep 16, 2019

How to Throw a Unique Bachelorette Party

Fall wedding season is here, and as maid of honor, it’s time to get party planning. Although there are plenty of events to prep prior to your bestie’s big day, your time to shine is the bachelorette party. You’ll be celebrating the bride’s last night of single life while also bonding with her host of bridesmaids and bffs. There’s two things to keep in mind with when hosting a bachelorette party:

1. Make sure the bride-to-be is happy. The event should be a celebration of all the things you love about her and a night she’ll look back on fondly. Don’t plan anything that would make her feel uncomfortable, bored, or like the party is more about your interests than hers.

2. Consider the guest list dynamics. The bride is likely to choose bridesmaids representing different areas of her life, so the bachelorette party may be one of the first times everyone in the bridal party is meeting each other. Part of your job is to help everyone feel included and have one of the best nights of their lives.

You have an opportunity to come up with a memorable and unique bachelorette party that will match the bride’s personality and break the ice as you get to know everyone. We’ve got some great ideas to get you started.

Whimsical Wine Tasting

Break out the bottle for a fun-loving wino bride-to-be. Not only will a little alcohol help to ease the flow of conversation, but there’s also so many ways you can spin a wine tasting party theme - they don’t have to be classy and refined all the time. To bring a little whimsy to the event, try one of these character bottle pourers or get everyone a wine glass lanyard so they never have to worry about being wine-less. A whimsical bachelorette wine party will have all the guests laughing, chatting, and celebrating the bride-to-be.
Photo from Chris’s Stuff

Henna Tattoo Hens’ Night

This could be the night to try something new with your group of girls and get some wedding henna. Historically, henna ceremonies have been used in South Asian nations as a pre-wedding bonding and beautifying ceremony, bringing together women from both sides of the family for the first time.

If you aren’t much of an artist, try a henna tattoo kit with everything you need, including sticker stencils that will yield perfect results. This option works as either your whole event when you throw a henna party or as a part of your beauty regime before going out on the town. Either way, doing henna together creates memories to last a lifetime and leaves everyone looking and feeling beautiful.
Photo from Mihenna

A Twist on Vegas

A Las Vegas bachelorette party is a classic, but there’s more to Vegas than booze, strippers, and gambling. For a truly wild night in Vegas, it’s time to bring out the big guns - yes, the actual big guns. Take the bridal party to Machine Guns Vegas where everyone gets a chance to try out submachine guns, sniper rifles, and more. When you book their bachelorette package, Machine Guns Vegas throws in a pass to Thunder from Down Under for everyone in your party. You’ll still get the infamous Vegas experience but with much more firepower.
Photo from Machine Guns Vegas

The Crafty Bride

Does your bride-to-be love all those DIY Pinterest ideas? Then consider hosting the bachelorette crafty party at a class where everyone in your group gets to craft something to keep as a memento of the night or even work on a combined gift to present the bride at the end of the night. Yaymaker (formerly known as Paint Nite) has several private events options where you can select from hosted classes in paintings, terrariums, candles, and more. Creating together has a way of strengthening group bonds and forming lasting memories.
Photo from JTMultimidia

Wildest Night

Some brides may want a wild night on the town or at home, but for the kid-at-heart animal lover, the wildest night is a bachelorette party at the zoo. Many zoos in the US and around the world are now offering 21+ events where you come after the zoo is closed to regular guests for cocktails, wandering the park, and even some up close and personal encounters with the animals. Check out your local zoo for an event or see these options if you’re near Los Angeles or San Diego.
Photo from The San Diego Zoo
Any way you plan it, your bachelorette party is sure to be one of a kind thanks to the bride-to-be’s personality and interests as well as the group of friends she’s assembled for her wedding. Be sure to customize the event to the attendees, and you’ll have a winner - a unique bachelorette party to be remembered fondly.

Written by Krista Bornman, author of Born to Singh - blogging an American woman’s life in India with her Sikh husband and their puppy.

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