Sep 18, 2015

Crafty Hen Party Ideas: Alternatives to Drinking and Strippers

Brides don't always want to party all night drinking tequila shots off the chests of male dancers. Whether it's your wedding, your best friend's or a relative's wedding, you might be looking for a different kind of hen experience. You can gather all your friends and family together for one of these crafty hen party ideas that everyone will enjoy without the hangover and embarrassment the next day.

Jewelry Making

When it comes to fun hen's party ideas, jewelry making should be at the top of the list. Every woman in the wedding party can make her own fashion accessory for the big day. It could be a beautiful, beaded bracelet or necklace. They can be made without a ton of experience. You'll just need the supplies like beading string, beads and clasps. As far as tools, you won't need anything expensive. Wire cutters and a tape measure should be all you need for simple necklaces or bracelets. Choose bead colors that fit the theme of the wedding so the entire wedding party will have matching jewelry.

Memory Book

Before the bride and groom take the plunge, a unique way to celebrate is with a memory book. The hen party is a great time to gather friends and family to create books with pretty fabrics, papers and embellishments. It's the ultimate in creative activities for hens. The mothers of the bride and groom can bring along special pictures from their childhood. Friends can bring embarrassing photos from the couple's first years together too. This crafting idea requires a variety of papers, fabrics and books to be purchased before the event. Don't forget the glue and glitter too.


For the hen party, you can gather your friends and family together to paint ceramics. The group can make a ceramic tea set for the couple, or create something for themselves. The designs could be inspired by the couple, based on the theme of the wedding or inspired by the imagination. All you'll need for this crafting idea is ceramics, ceramic paints and glitter. If you don't want to paint ceramics, you could paint wine glasses, or drink out of wine glasses as you paint on canvas. Once the wine is flowing, nobody will care if they have artistic ability or not. It's a fun alternative to the traditional hen party.

Photo Props

At most weddings now, the trend is to have a photo booth at the reception. Guests can have fun posing together with various props. At the crafting hen party, family and friends can gather together to create those props. When a group gets together, they'll have more ideas than any one individual. They'll have fun seeing the guests use their props at the reception too. The hen party planner will need to buy lots of supplies like paper, paint, glue, glitter, pieces of felt, sticks, gems and beads. It can help to have some ideas for the props, but let the hen party attendees use their vivid imaginations and see what happens.

A crafty hen party is one that the entire wedding party can enjoy, including the mothers of the bride and groom. Nobody has to be left out because they don't want to spend the night drinking.

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