Sep 25, 2015

Top Home Security Solutions for Women Living Alone

Living in the city can undeniably be exciting for a single woman. You'll be surrounded by your favorite shops, restaurants and bars –there'll always be something exciting to do. It's also likely that your commute to work will be shorter and cheaper than if you lived in the suburbs. This all means that when considering real estate in the Philippines, the city is a very attractive option. Unfortunately, urban living has one big disadvantage: the safety factor. Just locking the door won't be enough to guarantee your safety. Below are some top tips to help you protect yourself and your belongings.
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Before moving to your new neighborhood, you might want to research its crime statistics just so you know what you're dealing with. Crime- mapping websites will tell you what type of crimes to look out for, and will send you reports of anything that's happened in your area. You should also check the existing security measures on your new apartment, like whether the bolt on your door is strong and whether all your windows can be locked properly.
One of the main skills to master when living alone as a woman is making it look like you're home, but not alone. An empty house is more of a target to thieves than an occupied one, so when you go out you might want to consider setting timers on your lights so they come on at random times. When you go on holiday, you should ask a neighbor to bring in your mail and garbage can or recycling boxes. Remember that criminals will be looking for signs that a house is unoccupied before they strike. If you live on the ground floor, close the curtains in the evenings so potential criminals won't be able to tell that you're alone. Some women even leave a pair of men's boots on the doorstep or add a man's name to their doorbell sticker to make it look as if they don't live alone. If you really don't feel like being alone, consider getting a dog - it'll protect you and deter possible intruders while providing great company.

You might also want to consider buying a CCTV system or burglar alarm for your house. Just the sight of some kind of security system is known to deter burglars. The joint combination of CCTV and an alarm works particularly well: the alarm will have you alerted and ready to call the police, but if the intruder gets away then you'll have the footage to help identify them. You also should make sure that the outside of your home is well- lit, as this makes it harder for a potential criminal to hide.

Add an extra layer of security by checking in with friends and family at preset times. Make sure someone always knows where you are, and that neighbors know not to let strange people into your apartment block. If you follow all these tips while living in the city, you and your possessions will be safer and more secure.

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