Sep 9, 2015

Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

For every girl, it is of crucial importance to look like a real princess on the day of her wedding. In order to achieve this, there are several tricks that you should pay attention to.

Do not try to change your look completelyMakeup Tips Every Bride Should Know by
You want to look stunning on the day of your wedding, but you also need to look like yourself, and not like some other person that guests will hardly recognize. So, do not ask your makeup artist or a friend who does your makeup to change your personal description. Leave experiments for a nightclub and do not experiment with strong makeup that will narrow your nose or enlarge your eyes too much.

Hire a professional makeup artist or someone close who knows how to do makeup
Many people ruin their looks by applying an inadequate foundation, putting too much blush or using flashy lip pencils. You are not necessarily like that, but for the most important day of your life it is best to leave your face to someone who understands the makeup and enjoys it. Of course, always keep in mind your idea of perfect makeup and do not let anyone do your makeup in a way you do not like. Testing makeup is mandatory, to see what style suits you the best.

How your makeup will look depends on your skinMakeup Tips Every Bride Should Know by
A prerequisite for a perfectly made-up face is pure and clear skin. So, if your skin is naturally oily or have patches, make sure to have a facial treatment before the wedding, to restore the skin and make it a good foundation for makeup.

Do not use bold makeup on both your eyes and lips, opt for one
One of the small crimes of makeup are overly prominent eyes and lips at the same time. To look more natural and nicer choose one or the other, depending on what's more distinctive on your face. If you use strong eye makeup, use a little bit of lip gloss or a pale pink lipstick. If you decide to emphasize your lips, keep your eye makeup brighter.

Carefully place false eyelashes
All the ladies want to look sexy, so, if they don’t have long lashes, they usually go for falsies. In this case, it is best to contact a professional. For your eyes not to look too blatant and over the top, opt for false eyelashes which can be placed only at the ends. Still, your eyes can be beautiful with the help of eyelash curler, which should be preheated with a hairdryer for a few seconds.

Two important words - waterproof mascara
Tears may come when you least expect them, so do not let your mascara run down your nicely done face. Even if you are not overly emotional and you know that you can refrain from crying, unbearable heat can dissolve your makeup, so it's best to use waterproof mascara. If you have fair skin and blonde hair do not use black mascara, because the brown one will flatter you more.

Eyeshadow primer will refresh your face
If you want to hide pores and tiny bumps around your eyes, use eyeshadow primer. It is recommended to apply it before putting any powder. The reason why primer is called a ‘bell of hope’ against smeared makeup is that it prevents eyeshadow sliding into the corners of your eyes, which can cause irritation.

Use highlighter and no SPF foundation
Parts of the face that need highlighting are areas under the eyes, above the eyebrows, along the nose and under the chin. With strategically placed highlighter and foundation with no SPF that won’t create a white cast over your face, you will look natural and radiant in your wedding photographs. Wedding photography in Sydney is getting more creative and you need to be sure that your makeup won’t ruin your smiling face.

Makeup is magic which creates amazing effects and countless smiles. Due to the effect that makeup provides, every bride can feel special and their YES can be said with pride. When the celebration passes and you can say that you had a dream wedding, it’s time to go on a honeymoon relaxed and satisfied.

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the secret of make up can make some one looks perfect

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