Sep 4, 2015

An Introduction of Taobao, the Largest Online Retail Site in China is not yet well known in the world. It is however part of the Chinese group, founded in 1999, Alibaba Group. It is the largest online retail site in China with 370 million users with accounts in late 2010 and offering more than 800 million articles currently online. 

Taobao is differentiated from its competitors by its service offering with no minimum purchase and no obligation to buy several items: the price of bulk purchases for a single purchase. But what makes her especially attractive is that it is everything, everything and more! All you can wish, taobao offers you. 

Taobao is a real cavern of Alibaba online. You will discover a huge selection of products directly imported from China with always the product quality and this in all categories of high-tech equipment, fashion articles, or amazing chic jewelry or fun, efficient sports equipment, but also genuine creative products handmade and unusual items that can not be found elsewhere than on Taobao ... ... all these items are always affordable or even up to a quarter of the price of what we have in regular stores. Prices are so small and sales margins so low that the site seems to make gifts.

A doubt about a purchase? No problem ! All that is offered on the site appears in several photos, enlarged, with the details. There is a precise description, weight, size of the object, its composition ... . It's no surprise, so you know exactly what you are buying. 

The offer is so large and attractive it will not be surprising to spend hours be logged in to buy a sweater and end up in his basket a complete wardrobe, and this for the same price because you can always find on the cheaper price than in any other market places it's perfect for wholesale 7jo with Taobao offers shopping service in French, English and Chinese. You choose the language of the transaction. Also with you ensure the security of your online purchases and quality control before shipment. 

So no more hesitation, connect and come walk on taobao with 7jo, find your happiness and more at any time of day or night. No word or article can describe what you find, go there! You'll be able to do without this site and you'll wonder how you lived up to date without the biggest supermarket in the world of the Internet!

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