Sep 1, 2015

Golden Rules of the Perfect Smile

It is not only the lovely lips that make Angelina Jolie’s smile so wonderful. The pearly white teeth are just as important. Her smile is considered to be one of the most stunning in the entire Hollywood. Besides her, female celebrities that flaunt a perfect smile include Halle Berry, Julia Roberts and Jessica Alba. While you may not be able to have a Hollywood salary, you are more than able to have a Hollywood smile. There are many factors that influence your teeth and your smile. This is a checklist of those factors and how to make them work for you.

Dental Hygiene
Choose a proper toothbrush and good toothpaste. The toothpaste needs to contain fluoride that helps your teeth stay white. If there is choice, choose electric toothbrush over the regular one. The electric one will reduce plaque in your mouth. You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and you need to floss regularly. Make sure that you brush thoroughly and that you brush your teeth from all angles.

Good Habits
The most important good habit that you can have is getting regular dental checks by your dentist. You need to do this at least once in six months. You need to stop smoking or drinking too much coffee. This will make your teeth yellowish permanently. Also, it will cause more plaque to form.

Proper Diet
You need to have a proper diet to have good teeth. Also, you need to make sure that your diet doesn’t cause heartburn. Constant heartburn will make your teeth look transparent and they will start to crumble. Cranberries are very good because they reduce plaque. Milk will add calcium and that will make your teeth strong. Cheese will do the same. Tea is excellent because it kills bacteria that can hurt your teeth.

Skin Care
Once your teeth are nice and healthy, it is time to take care of your lips and skin. You need well hydrated lips in order to have the perfect smile. Lip balm should be in your purse at all times. As for your skin, everyday skin care is very important. Healthy skin that glows is the perfect canvas for a perfect smile. To emphasize the whiteness of your teeth, use red lipstick with blue undertones. Also, add some bronze around your lips to create contrast.

Smiling Rules
Golden Rules of the Perfect Smile by
You need to smile with your entire face. You can smile with your lips, which means just stretching them into grimace. But, for a lovely and contagious smile, you need to smile with your eyes and the entire face. Don’t show all the teeth. Try smiling with your lips closed and then open them just as much as it’s necessary to be comfortable.

Practicing Smiles
Celebrities have different smiles for every occasion. You don’t need just as many, but you need to find your own smile. Practice in front of the mirror and establish the smiling face that suits you best. You need to memorize it and practice it, so that it comes natural to you. There are exercises to make your facial muscles more controllable and active. These involve stretching your lips to different extent and holding them in that position. Also, rounding them and sucking in the cheeks.

Starting Early
Having a perfect smile can take you a long way. That is why giving a gift of a perfect smile to a child is a great idea. Kids’ braces are one way of making sure that your kid has a great smile. They should be used only if the dentist recommends them. Teaching your kid proper hygiene and healthy habits will pay off every time you see them smile.

Considering how many poems, sayings and paintings study the lovely smile, it is obvious how important a smile is to people. Therefore, it is worth your while to do all you can to make sure that your smile is perfect. Of course, it needs to be sincere above everything else.

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