Sep 21, 2015

Zoya Fall 2015 Flair Swatches & Review

Everyone is fond of Zoya Fall. Many girls till date are very fond of various nail color that can be availed from the Zoya Fall store. Not only girls, the shop keeps items even for all ages of woman. Even if you are not an American citizen you can still purchase some Zoya Fall products with the help of USGoBuy. When the shipment company is there you can get any American product of your choice.
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Zoya Fall 2015 – Flair
As I shared during last night’s #NailGlossip chat (next one is 8/30), Fall is my favorite time of year for nail color. I love the saturated jewel tones and sparkle that tend to accompany the season. So, when the Zoya.comZoya Fall 2015 collections landed on my doorstep, I had to play with Flair first.

Can I just say how much I love that Zoya releases one creme collection and one shimmer/sparkle collection for the major seasons? Some of my all-time favorite colors have come from Zoya fall palettes and this year is shaping up to follow that pattern. There are a couple colors here that I know I’ll wear over and over this season.

Formula & Application
Zoya nail polish is 5-Free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin & Camphor). Their signature Italian glass bottles have a tapered, shiny black plastic cap that rests comfortably between the thumb and index finger while polishing. The brush is short, round and medium in girth with flexible bristles that allow for ease of control. It’s also one of my Top 10 Nail Polish Brushes.

The whole collection has a thin feel that make for a smooth application. I had no trouble manipulating the lacquer, and while a thin formula can mean a lack of opacity, that wasn’t the case here. Aggiewas the only color that required three coats, the rest went on in an easy two layers. In fact, Tris barely needed a second coat.

Zoya Flair Swatches
Zoya Aggie is a unique color in that it changes from burnished gold to bronze with a green flash, which you can see in the bottle pic below. Based on my comparisons, I’d call Aggie a cousin of Deborah Lippmann Swagga Like Us. Chanel Peridot has too much green and MAC Neptune is more bronze. There’s a lot of depth to Aggie in person. Even if warm metallics aren’t your thing, it’s worth checking out.
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Zoya  Aggie
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Zoya Aggie comparison

Zoya Cinnamon is a chocolate brown metallic shimmer. Though instead of reddish undertones, this one has some yellow/gold to neutralize the hue. It’s a lot richer than Dermelect Stunning, which is a cooler brown, and not as warm as China Glaze Goin’ My Way or as bronze as China Glaze Soft Sienna Silks.
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Zoya Cinnamon
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Zoya Cinnamon comparison
Zoya Ember is a fiery red pearlized shimmer. It has an old-school feel with its fine shimmer that burns from within, but it’s more modern in that brush strokes aren’t an issue. Compared to other Zoya red shimmers, Chelsea is the closest in hue even though it’s brighter, Zoya Kamilah is deeper and more crimson, and Zoya Salma has a burnished tone.
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 Zoya Ember
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Zoya Ember comparison
Zoya Estelle is an electric blue with metallic shimmer. The bottle shows a bit of a purple flash around the edges and that translates a bit on the nail, but not much. The color is really eye-catching and stands out in my collection. Sally Hansen CSM Blue Crush has a similar tone but it’s lighter and not nearly as pigmented.
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Zoya Estelle
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Zoya Estelle comparison
 Zoya Giada is a regal purple with an understated metallic shimmer. In indirect light, the pearl sinks to the background with the hue darkening to the color you see on the sides of my nails. It’s a pretty neutral purple in that it isn’t as cool as Zoya Suri or as warm as Zoya Haven.
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Zoya Giada
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Zoya Giada comparison swatch – Flair Fall 2015
Zoya Tris is a graphite metallic with a mix of gold, silver and charcoal pearl that makes it warmer than other shades in the range. In fact, I can’t find anything in my stash quite like it. Zoya Claudineis darker and cooler while Urban Decay Addiction has a flecked finish, isn’t as pigmented, and looks more silver than grey. As a Divergent fan, I love that this color captures the gritty feel of Dauntless.
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Zoya Tris
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Zoya Tris comparison swatch – Flair Fall 2015
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 Zoya Fall 2015 – Flair collection
Bottom Line: I’ll admit, I raised my brow at the “unique micro-grind metallic pigment” claim that accompanied this collection and I’m happy to say it delivered. The polishes have great formulas and excellent pigmentation which isn’t as common in a 5-Free world. In regards to the actual colors, Estelle and Aggie are my standout must-haves. I predict they will become staples of my fall nail wardrobe.

The Zoya Fall 2015 Flair collection is available now at salons nationwide, including ULTA, and online at Zoya nail polish retails for $9/ea.
Thoughts on Zoya Flair? What colors are calling your name? Do you prefer this type of fine shimmer or a more sparkly, flecked finish?

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