Sep 6, 2015

Birthday Party for the Youngest - Decoration Ideas

When planning and organizing a birthday party for children, it is important to create something fun that will intrigue them and keep their attention. One of the most interesting ideas is organizing a themed birthday party that would surely keep the children amused. That also leaves plenty of space for you to choose or create interesting decoration. Here are some interesting birthday decoration ideas.

Paper Flowers
Birthday Party For The Youngest – Decoration Ideas by
Fold a square of paper – in half, quarters and then into an eight – and create the petal shape by cutting a curve. Open it, take three different colored tissues and make an accordion pleated flower, for the centre. Make a hole in the centre of a large flower, take a pipe cleaner and pass the pipe cleaner ends through it to attach small flowers to large.

Choose a dominating color for the party, and buy the most basic balloons in several shades of the color. Inflate them and attach to the wall with some tape. You can also make balloon animals! Buy some tissue paper and cut animal features (legs, ears, wings) out of it. Tissue paper is light so it won’t weigh the balloons down. Tape the paper with double-sided tape.

Birthday Banner
It’s actually not that difficult. The first way is to choose and print letters in different fonts and simply print them on colored paper. Another way for doing it is to find letters in printed media - magazines, papers, old books and such – and cut them out. Then enlarge them with a scanner or a photocopy machine and print out. Instead of printing letters on colored paper, you can also cut them out and tape to card stock. Decorate with ribbons and hang it across the room.

Candy Necklace Ornaments
Birthday Party For The Youngest – Decoration Ideas by
Buy candy necklaces, cut the string and remove a few rings. Tie them together, make a circle around the table and pin them up with safety pins. Make sure that they secure from underneath, so it is safe for the children. There is nothing sweeter than a party table, full with food and juice, draped in sweet candy.

Each one of your little guests will lose breath upon seeing a piñata. It is a popular papier-mache craft technique. Piñata has a balloon or bowl-like form and is made from paper drenched in a homemade paste (usually made from wheat-paste powder), decorated with strips of colored paper. When the paper dries, it forms a hard shell. Stuffed with treats, piñata is meant to be smashed, spilling candy and treats into children’s hands.

Themed Party
When making a themed birthday party, the most important decision you have to make is to choose a theme. There is a wide range of choices to make and once you’ve got the right one - everything else is a no-brainer. Think about their favorite movies, cartoons, superheroes or toys. Dress as a Minion from Despicable me or everyone’s favorite – Michelangelo, one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Also, if you decide to make a superhero party for the kids, it’s less likely to turn out a failure, while theme-related party supplies would be easy to find.

Candy Topiary
Birthday Party For The Youngest – Decoration Ideas by
Essentially – an edible tree. Take a flower pot and place a Styrofoam ball inside. Place an 18 inch long dowel through it, while a Styrofoam cone goes on top of the dowel (affixed with glue). Attach two rows of candy to the cone, using glue. When you’re finished and the cone is completely covered in candy, add some wrapped candy to the pot also.

Shimmer a Streamer
Another thing you can do with some leftover paper. Make shimmering streamers from card stock and some metallic wrapping paper. Car stock is sprayed and covered with wrapping paper. Cut out circles with a circle cutter and punch a hole at the top and bottom of circles. Place the smallest circle all the way down and attach them with jump rings to one another, ending the string with the biggest one. Hang strings from the ceiling with thumbtacks and monofilament (fishing line).

With a good plan and a timely organization, decorating your house for a children’s birthday party will be nothing but awesome and fun venture. Get some paper, scissors, glue, strings and balloons and invite some friends to help you. Include the youngest family members also, and have fun preparing a magnificent party that will be remembered.

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