Sep 10, 2015

Baby Products Adults Can Use and Get Away With

Being an aunt is the best; not only do you get to experience all the fun stuff about the new baby, but you also don’t have the huge responsibilities that the mother has. Another, not so frequently mentioned, perk of being an aunt is being exposed to all sorts of baby products. Aunts around the world discovered other uses for these things, and every woman thanks them for that. Here are some of the coolest ways that you can use baby products and get away with it.
Baby Detergent
Because babies have more sensitive skin than adults, they need to have their own laundry detergent. A lot of substances in regular detergents are very aggressive and harsh compared to baby detergent. They are mostly needed to remove all the stains and dirt from the regular laundry. However, there is a high percentage of people that are sensitive to certain types of detergents just because of these chemicals. Since baby detergents don’t have them, they are a great solution for people with sensitive skin.
Baby Shampoo
This is another way to take care of your laundry. Cashmere and silk clothes will be absolutely destroyed if you put them into the washing machine. The machine is not the only reason why they need special care. The detergents usually used in the machines will cause sensitive fabric to wear out faster. That is why mixing a bit of baby shampoo with water and rinsing your sensitive laundry in this mixture is the best solution. Besides the silk and the cashmere items, bras are also the type of things you want to wash in baby shampoo.

This is a solution that contains high levels of electrolytes. Babies need it to replace the fluids that they lose. This makes it a perfect remedy for dehydration. Among the fastest ways to become dehydrated is to drink alcohol. That is where Pedialyte comes to the rescue. More precisely, college students say that this is the best possible remedy for the hangovers. Apparently, it replenishes the minerals and electrolytes lost with alcohol.

Baby Ointment
Baby’s sensitive skin is prone to many rashes, damages and redness. The majority of these things are remedied using simple baby ointments or creams that prevent or even cure diaper rashes. Even if you are long out of those rashes, you may want to stick to a pack of baby ointment in your home. It can cure burns, help remedy cuts, reduces redness, soothe the itches, and a lot of other things. You can even use it to remove the makeup in the evening or as a night cream if you have dry skin. Simply pick out the organic baby products section and find the baby diaper rash ointment.  
Baby Powder
A lot of people just hate the feeling of sand on their skin. Once you go home from the beach, you just don’t want to take a ton of sand with you. Remove it easily by using the baby powder. Also, if you try using this powder as a primer for your makeup, you will be tempted to keep using it instead of your old primer.

Perhaps it is not the aunts of the world who came up with all these uses of the baby products, but they still are amazing. Test them, since these products aren’t that expensive. If they really are as good as people say, you will be doing yourself a big favor. Who knows, maybe you will end up switching to baby cosmetics entirely if you come to like it.

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