Sep 2, 2015

Creating a One of a Kind Hens Party

Finding hens day ideas, classy hens party ideas, and hens night games can be difficult. However, there are plenty of places to go when ideas have run out.

For the bride-to-be who loves to exercise, Voga is the place to go. Not only do they do yoga, but the yoga is infused with 80s dance, voguing, and cha-cha. The class includes posing and pictures with the voga style. There are other yoga areas to see, however.

Should Voga not be up to par, there's Hot Pod Yoga. They let people hire pods - they look like cocoons - that fit up to 20 people. Anywhere they can fit, they can be put up. This works well for any bride-to-be that is looking to stay near to home.

For the bride that likes to see culture and experience different things, ordering from Takayo Malone is a good idea. They specialize in Japanese dress up, particularly kimonos. Giving a bride to be a unique hen party can be difficult, but this site can take the decorations and the party packs contain kimonos, hair accessories, fans, parasols, crafts, and activities.

Going on the same note, visiting Ohlala for the hen party is an idea that cannot be passed over. A barman will oversee making cocktails after making macaroons. Nothing done with the macaroons cannot be recreated in the kitchen. There's even a promise, from Ohlala, if the party is unsatisfied, you get your money back.

If cooking isn't the bride's thing, check out The Potting Shed. When the bride wants to go to a spa, but knows that there is going to be way too much laughing, this is the place to go. A "Hen Packed" package offers a hen party experience for up to ten people. There is no laughter limit here, and for any bride-to-be spending time with her girls, this is a good thing. The package includes champagn cocktails and award winning treatments.

For a country restaurant, going to The Wild Rabbit is the place to go. This perfect weekend retreat comes with a new dining room experience entitled The Chicken Shed. With a large wood burning oven and a private chef in the kitchen, this works well for the larger groups.

If the bride-to-be is crafty, going to Grace & Thorn or The Flower Appreciation Society is the way to go. For those who like cacti and succulents, go to Grace & Thorn - they're Terrarium Tuesdays classes are great. The Flower Appreciation Society has classes to create hand-tied bouquets and flower head dresses for the parties.

A murder mystery may be right up someone's ally if there's nothing else to do. offers a murder mystery evening entitled "I'm a Celebrity, Murder Me". Other ideas from the site include BBQ masterclasses, cocktail making and go-kart racing. Bonding over these kind of things offers a unique, one of a kind experience.

Finally, make a perfume! Taking the bride-to-be to The Perfume Studio offers a way to create your own perfume. There are experts there to help, as it is much more difficult than it seems. At 35 euros a person, it's quite a bargain.

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