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Dec 10, 2010

Misty Hill

When you’re looking at misty hill, what do you have in mind? It feels cold and wet, and the white cover gives mysterious impression. This hill is located in Kaligua (Bumiayu, Indonesia) and I captured it from a moving car.

My entry for
Sky Watch Friday.

16 komentar:

Mayet December 10, 2010  

the scenery reminds me of home!

Self-Taught December 10, 2010  

I love landscapes I think Asia continent must be really impressed, I hope to travel someday.

sibutiz December 10, 2010  

good looking so gan its article...

J Bar December 10, 2010  

Sydney - City and Suburbs

Kim, USA December 10, 2010  

I am always fascinated with fogs. This time the mountain looks like a giant is going to come out hehehe. Happy weekend!
My Sky

magiceye December 10, 2010  


Carver December 10, 2010  

That's very beautiful. I love fog and the green hill is a great contrast to the foggy part in the distance.

deasy-world December 10, 2010  

I Love it Lina! I feel free when I could fly by Paralayang above the misty hill hehe..

Liz December 10, 2010  

Magnificent! Happy sky watching.

Mine is here.

julicavero December 10, 2010  


eden December 10, 2010  

Beautiful scenery. Lovely capture even if you were in a moving car.

Mar December 10, 2010  

Mysterious and beautiful!

Linda December 11, 2010  

It's as if the sky is invading the Earth. Beautiful.

Amiko December 11, 2010  

wow... it!

jeannette December 12, 2010  

Beautiful mood in this pic -I've been born in Indonesia and was 5 y. old when I moved to Holland -haven't been back yet...

Denise December 12, 2010  

Incredible scenery! Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

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