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Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women

Apr 21, 2011

Nostalgia: Old Things

I have no time to write much here. My SIL has already waited for me outside. I must accompany her again today. I missed this meme last week, so I don’t want to miss it again this week!

We visited my grandfather’s house weeks ago. It’s an old house, so you’ll also see old things inside. Here I share old things that I saw in the living room. My favorite is the wall clock. Its loud sound is remembering me to horror movies, hahaha. The chairs are still comfortable!


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AstyNNS April 21, 2011  

I love the old furniture, but hubby doesn't like it. Btw I like the red chairs ;D

STEF April 21, 2011  

That wall clock is rare! Cool photos!
Please check out my NOSTALGIC post too! Thanks!

anne April 21, 2011  
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chubskulit April 22, 2011  

Love that grand father's clock Lina, the chair is also beautiful.

Clarissa April 22, 2011  

Lucky you to still have those antiques and it still looks new after all the years has passed.

Happy Nostalgia!

Yen April 22, 2011  

Even if their old stuff they still look heavy duty and stylish.

cintapuguh April 23, 2011  

old things full of memories ..

Dhemz April 23, 2011  

wow! those are cool!

Lina Marliana April 23, 2011  

barang2 yg penuh kenangan yah mb.. :)

Pkbr mb Lina ? lama tidak berkunjung kesini.. Blog happy family selalu error ditempat saya mb, knp yah ?

Ngoprek corner April 23, 2011  

Kunjungan perdana.. salam kenal mb..

Mel Cole April 25, 2011  

i like the red chair. :) Been busy for Easter. Sorry for my late visit sis but my post is not late :) Hope you can visit my Nostalgia here.

eden April 26, 2011  

Love that chair.

vogue living October 19, 2011  

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Vintage Clock Lover March 18, 2012  

Loving old furniture doesn't need to be antique. We can have the same style and art by buying a new one. It is more inexpensive but also beautiful.

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