Jan 26, 2012

Fun Things to Do When You Are Pregnant

After the initial excitement, pregnancy can start to make you feel tired and like the last few months are dragging into years. To help keep the excitement alive and maintain the glow, enlist the help of your friends and family to keep you preoccupied and entertained during this special time. Find ways to spoil yourself as to help take your mind off the discomfort that pregnancy can bring. Here are a few suggestions of things you can do to help the last few months fly right by!

Go Shopping

Nothing helps to distract the mind than a little retail therapy with friends. This is the only time when you have an excuse to buy cute maternity wear and other things for yourself to make life more comfortable such as new shoes, post-pregnancy clothing and books. This is also a good time to make sure you have everything you need for when the baby comes, as you won’t have much time for shopping afterwards.

Throw a Pregnant Lady Party

If you have had the chance to meet other pregnant women in Lamaze classes or other exercise classes, why not invite them over for a pregnant lady party? This is a great opportunity to commiserate with your peers, discuss plans for the future and have general girl talk that non-pregnant people would find uninteresting. Your friends and family may have a hard time relating to you at this stage, so making friends with other mothers-to-be is a great way to develop a support network, and what better way than planning your own event. Hire a caterer as well since you know that people are going to want to eat some good, healthy food!

Get a Makeover

Pregnancy is a time when your body is going to be changing pretty much every day. Some of the changes are new and exciting, and some can make you feel uncomfortable. If you are having an especially down kind of day, why not take yourself out to get pampered? Getting a new haircut, having your nails done or getting a spa treatment will make you feel beautiful again instead of whale-like and tired.

Indulge Yourself

This time of your life is all about you, so make sure you try to enjoy every minute of it! When the baby comes you will probably have your hands tied, so this is your opportunity to read the books you’ve always wanted to read, or watch old favourite movies that you love. Getting a massage or catching up with friends will help you feel relaxed and happy, and your baby will benefit from this, too!

Record Your Memories

Even though you feel like it’s dragging on forever, pregnancy only lasts for nine months. This is a really special time that you may only experience once in your life so make sure you record it all! Making a scrapbook of ultrasound scans, the bill from the restaurant where you and your partner celebrated the pregnancy and belly pictures are great things to include in a scrapbook. You will always look back on this time with fond memories, so make sure you have a solid reminder of this exceptional time.


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