Jan 9, 2012

Whatever Your Role, You should be Proud of Yourself!

I’m not included Working Moms, as I’m a stay at home woman. Though I spend my days more at home, I should still develop myself. Most women like me can’t keep do nothing after they chose to be stay at home women. Many household chores have to be done every day. It can take their times, energies and minds, but smart women will keep search for something for their self-respect. I feel grateful for the internet technology, a stay at home woman like me can take benefit of this technology for reaching positive aims.

I respect myself as a part of Work at home moms. With the internet technology, from the comfort of my home, I can obtain added income for my family. I believe that every stay at home woman have their own reasons. My mother died in 1999, so I decided to live with my father. I’m the youngest and the only daughter in the family. My three older brothers live in different places. It’s my duty as a daughter to take care of my father. Sadly, this job must be end recently; as my father passed away last Friday (January 6th, 2012).

Some women feel hard to just stay at home. We don’t live in an ideal world; a woman can have no choice except following the real condition. For example, some women must follow their husbands on work duties or studies abroad for a long time.

Well, it’s just my view; I have no purpose to give offense at all. I consider that each woman in this world has her own pathway of life. Every woman should be allowed to decide freely and to make their own life choices. As long as it works fine for you and you’re happy doing your roles, you can carry on doing what you have chosen; whether to be a working mom or to be a stay at home mom. Whatever your option, ladies, you should be proud of yourself.

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djawadreang January 10, 2012  

suppose the world no woman hehe.,
aku turut berduka cita mba.,

eden January 11, 2012  

Nice post. I am proud of myself.

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