Jan 21, 2012

Pregnancy Style: How To Keep Looking Good

For some women, pregnancy does not make them feel their best – their sexiest. But it is one of the most important times in their life and should be one they celebrate. With glowing skin and that contented motherly look, they are naturally beautiful and should be able to express that through how they dress and prepare for each day.

Unfortunately for many women, maternity wear and how it works is not always the easiest thing to work out. Many settle on whatever is available or vaguely fits, thinking pregnancy clothing is supposed to be ugly and bulky, so it doesn’t matter how they approach it. There are however a few ladies who get it right – and a lot of specialty and designer stores enabling that. Pregnancy enables a style of its own, taking advantage of femininity, softness and the beauty of the pregnant form. If you’re struggling with pregnancy style, try a few of these;


Firstly, observe what other women are wearing, and if you think it looks amazing, chase it up. Great inspiration can be taken from celebrities, especially in the tabloid and gossip mag images that often show them at rest, or when they haven’t been primped and poked to make them unnaturally sun-kissed, curled and tweezed. Look particularly to images of the more relaxed, almost hippy-like celebs, like Elle McPherson, for their maternity clothing ideas.

Texture and pattern
A big point of contention is pattern and texture. When it comes down to it, the texture of your fabric is more important to how you feel in it and how comfortable you are – especially when you’re pregnant. Choose something soft, sensual and swishy to highlight your shape, but leave you in comfort. Patterns can go either way, choose the wrong one, look like a lounge, the right one, and look funky and female!! Try not to go too big and chunky with patterns, avoid lounge-like florals and aim for soft, non-angular, feminine patterns.

Maternity wear or not?
For quite some time you have the choice as to whether you wear maternity clothing, or opt to use expanders for your existing clothes. At the end of the day you have to be comfortable, so when you get to that point, go for the maternity wear. It is made to fit your new form and to be comfortable while it does that. It is also made to emphasise the more beautiful points of your form, rather than looking like you simply grew out of your clothes.

A tough one! Obviously stilettos – unless they are very broken in and comfortable – are shoes you want to avoid at all cost. But by the same token, if you simply wear granny flats the entire time you’re [regnant, your feet will spread out and become wide. Go for something comfortable with a little style – perhaps a small heel and feature toe?

Going out
Again, celebs are great inspiration. Check out the thumbs up section in mags after the Grammy’s and Emmy’s, and head online to see what else they had on. Many maternity clothing shops now stock beautiful going out clothes and some lovely accessories –
diamond rings through to necklaces to match and bring the outfit together.

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