Jan 19, 2012

Teenage Mums: Getting the Job Done

Didn’t think it would be you huh? You were always careful, it was one drunken or passionate night, and you can hardly believe that is all it took to land you where you are now. Look at your feet. Can’t? So you’re a fair way along? As a teenager who is about to be a parent for the first time, you have a lot to think about – it’s not all just maternity wear, lanolin cream and figuring out how you’ll shave your legs!

From now on, you are not only going to be responsible for yourself, but also for another very special human being. And you know what? It will have its trials. It will have its tough points. But as soon as you see that little face, you will know every second was worth it and ‘mistake’ will disappear from your vocabulary.

So, what do you need to do to get ready?

1. Your pregnancy:

Research: consider doing some research. Find yourself a site that talks about all the development of your baby as time passes, and also a blog or social networking group within which you can find advice and seek ideas from women who are already mums.

Relationship: sort out your relationship now – you don’t need the stress of it later. Know if he’s going to be around or not, and learn to trust him if he intends to be.

Nursery: to help you get in the mood, work with your boyfriend, or someone in your family, to create a beautiful nursery for your child. Delight in the soft colours and fabrics, the unique furnishings and putting it together so it represents the type of personality you believe your child will have.


This is one thing you are going to need a lot of – and will find it hard to get. Make sure your finances are in order before the birth, and start putting a little away at a time now, so you have enough to keep you when the baby comes along.

Support structure

How your support is structured around you is also important. Not only is it important to make sure your relationships with integral people like your own parents will be met, but also so you know whose role is what, who’s allowed to come to the birth and so on. While you may have hoped for the
diamond ring and the wedding before all of this, you’re partner probably didn’t count on it this way either, instead of being upset at him, get him involved.

2. Labour

How to birth

When it comes to your labour, you are the only person who really makes the choice. Do your research, know about options like water birthing and home birthing, in addition to hospital birthing. Understand if you have any limitations or restrictions and select an option that will be best for you and the baby.

Who will be there?

This is again a tough one – your partner will be your obvious first choice, but perhaps you only want females present, or you want to ensure mum and dad get to come along.


The way you raise your baby is completely up to you and your partner. Use this time to think about how you’ll get the money together to support your new family, what kind of care you will and won’t use, and how custody will work with a difficult partner.


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