Jan 14, 2012

To Ease Annoying Menopause Symptoms Safely

Ladies, if you’re coming near mid or late forties in age, you’ll probably face menopause. Though it’s said as a normal phase in every woman’s life, menopause can make you unpleasant. Since I still have no child yet and I’m already nearing forty now, I really hope that menopause will come to me –at least- ten years ahead. In fact, menopause is a sign of the ending of the life stage of female reproductive. Once you’re in menopause, you don’t experience menstruation any longer.

I have a sister in law who still gets regular menstruation in her mid fifties. So, when the menopause is coming can be different for each woman; the most frequent range of age is between 40 and 55 years old. When your ovary doesn’t produce anymore estrogen and progesterone hormones, your body will deal with the loss of hormonal balance. This situation may possibly lead to irritating 35 different menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, low energy, headaches, mood swings, weight boost, and many other more. You should know all the possible symptoms; it will help you to search for solution appropriately!

I’ll emphasize more on hot flashes here as many women in menopause said that it’s one of the most annoying menopause symptoms. Unexpected shocks of heat, increasing body temperature, and sweaty nights are only a few signs of hot flashes. Is there an effective remedy to reduce these indications?

If you prefer a natural and healthier way like me, surely you’ll
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