Sep 6, 2012

For Your Comfortable Breastfeeding

Congratulations on delivering your newborn baby! Soon you’ll be busy with taking care of the baby and building bonding with your newborn baby should be your most concern since maintaining baby-mother contact is very significant for your baby’s early growth. Every new mom has many tasks to do -to ensure that she can do it well- it’s important to keep new moms like you always feel fine and comfortable. To look and feel good during pregnancy and lactating period, any mom-to-be and new mom can count on Mother's Boutique as their maternity and breastfeeding source in handling their specific needs and problems.

Breastfeeding is a great option for bonding with your baby; breastfeeding expels oxytocin –the love hormone- in your brain that will enhance motherly feelings towards your baby. Breastfeeding also offers the finest first nourishment for your growing up baby!  

Actually, breastfeeding can be started since the first time you hold your newborn baby. To make breastfeeding is a comfortable process for the mom and the baby, make sure that you always wear a supportive and comfy nursing bra of Mother's Boutique nursing bra collection. Breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful, it would be better if you first do some practices with breastfeeding experts or take related classes at a hospital.   

Using a comfortable nursing bra may lessen irritating skin and possible nipple soreness. You can create a calming breastfeeding moment by doing it at a silent spot at your home and playing relaxing music. Happy breastfeeding!

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