Sep 11, 2012

Stroller Strides: Exercise and Socialize without the Need for Daycare

If you have noticed an abundance of new moms who look surprisingly fit recently there is probably a Stroller Strides class in your neighborhood. The national fitness program has rapidly spread throughout the United States since 2001 and is still continuing its growth spurt. 

Stroller Strides currently exists in 44 states and there are over 1,200 class locations. Moms who join can improve their strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness while interacting with their baby and meeting other moms. This means that if you are a new mom with a stroller-sized baby, you can socialize and exercise in 60-minute sessions without the need for daycare. 

Classes are starting in new locations all the time and many of them are being started and taught by moms. Nikki Cosentino of Madison, NJ recently started a class after becoming a certified Stroller Strides instructor. After joining Stroller Strides as a new mom and enjoying the results and atmosphere she decided to open her own franchise in Livingston, NJ. 

Some Stroller Strides locations offer more program options such as a fitness class for pregnant women called
Fit4Baby, an eating awareness and nutrition program called L.E.A.N. Mommy, and a more intensive multi-purpose class called Body Back for moms of all ages. All Stroller Strides locations have a Plum Moms Club which is a free program available to all moms whether or not they are a Stroller Strides member. The Plum Moms Club is a social network offering activities, playdates, and events for moms and their families.

Stroller Strides has many different membership levels. Interested moms can choose to pay for classes individually or get a reduced cost by paying for multiple classes at once or monthly membership. Some locations have additional membership options with a further discounted price and free gifts. Options and prices vary depending on the franchise. 

Fancy equipment is not necessary for participating in Stroller Strides. Moms only need to bring themselves, their baby, and their baby's stroller, but Stroller Strides does recommend that participants wear athletic shoes and bring water and an exercise mat for ground exercises. Additional recommendations include consulting your doctor before starting any exercise routine and waiting until your baby is at least 6 weeks old before attending Stroller Strides classes.

Stroller Strides has expanded quite a bit since its first beginnings. Offering classes, free community services, and franchising options makes this business a breath of fresh air. Expecting, new, and experienced moms can all find a benefit in Stroller Strides for both themselves and their families.

Written By: Paige Taylor writes for A Forever Recovery to help people struggling with addiction.

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Anonymous September 11, 2012  

Thanks for sharing Stroller Strides. Go to our facebook page as many locations are doing a free month of classes promo!

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