Sep 13, 2012

Great Resource of Affordable American Girl Doll Clothing

Do you have a little daughter? You should think twice before giving her any doll. If I have my own daughter one day, I’ll avoid buying her Barbie dolls. They are pretty to see, but don’t you know that there are some little girls -who are the big fans of Barbie dolls- becoming obsessed with thinness and Barbie’s inaccessible body shapes?

I’ve read a study result revealed about a computer model of a woman with Barbie doll body proportion. If there’s a real woman with the similar Barbie’s body proportion; her back would be too fragile to sustain her upper body and her body would be too thin to include the whole of her liver. This woman would surely suffer from undernourishment. Does the study open your eyes, Moms?

If you’re sure you can convince your daughter that Barbie is just a fantasy doll and it’s impossible to have very small body sizes like Barbie; perhaps you can let her to have a Barbie doll. But if you don’t want your little girl are affected by eating disorder and thinness obsession in her future, you should choose safer dolls as better alternative like adorable American Girl Dolls. Alike Barbie dolls, your girl can also enjoy dressing her doll with different American Girl Doll clothing that already comes to you and your daughter in various styles and beautiful designs. Giving her an American Girl Doll can be a great way to educate her about being a responsible person. Teach your girl how to keep and look after her doll!

Since 1986, Pleasant Company released large variety of American Girl Dolls, the 18-inch dolls that represent girls in nine to eleven years old -from different backgrounds, ethnicities and periods of American history. The company –has been awarded eight times – always sells American Girl Dolls with complementary books, clothing and accessories.  To please your daughter and to save money, you can make the doll dresses by yourself as nowadays you can find many American Girl Doll dress patterns in the internet.  

If you prefer the practical but still inexpensive way, you and your girl can simply search and buy various doll dresses styles at specific online stores like Doll Clothes Superstore that provides lots of affordable, cute and high quality handmade American Girl Dolls clothes collection to choose. Your daughter will be extremely happy!

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