Sep 21, 2012

Things to Consider while Looking for Diamond Engagement Rings

Proposing marriage to their loved ones is surely a special moment for every man. Based on relationship statistics; it turns out that there are many men –more than half of men- intend to surprise their loved ones with Diamond engagement rings during the marriage proposal. Engagement ring is surely not the usual sparkling jewelry item; it symbolizes more a couple’s love commitment. The long lasting nature of diamonds makes it’s still broadly applied in the design of the most engagement rings.

Nowadays, buying an engagement ring can be done in different ways. Though the most is still the man who purchases the ring in secret, there are also women involved in choosing the engagement rings that they prefer to wear. If both couple will wear the rings together, the engagement ring buying will be done together. Buying any diamond jewellery item -especially if you’re looking for an engagement ring- is an important and costly decision that needs your times and consideration to get quality diamond.

When it comes to search for finest quality diamond, there are two main factors that you must consider: Four Cs (color, cur, clarity and carat size) that establishes the value of a diamond and the ASG/GIA certification. Generally, a diamond’s price will rise if its size and clarity increases and its color lessen. I’ve ever read statements from diamond specialists about the importance of how the diamond is cut to its performance. Only faultlessly cut process that will create a diamond with best sparkle. So, ensure that your chosen diamond has got ASG/GIA certified; it gives you warranty that your diamond engagement ring is the most sparkling one!

Today’s diamond engagement rings come to you in various styles, such as classic, vintage, modern, contemporary and lots of other more.  If you desire to get only one of a kind engagement ring; bespoke jewellery can be a great option. There are various diamond cuts and gemstones, metals, prong settings that you can choose to create unlimited designs. Whatever your preference, don’t forget to be strict to the budget and the ring should be comfort to wear! 

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