Sep 13, 2012

Sky Watch: Shaking Bridge and Blue Sky

 One outbound game that challenges your courage. Do you dare enough to try it? I'll pass this game, my high sickness hasn't yet improved until now. This shaking bridge captured at a hotel's playing area. Bright and blue sky is always becoming the right background.

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Sylvia K September 14, 2012  

Lovely skies and a wonderful capture, Lina!! Hope you have a great weekend!! Happy SWF!

Thomas Lee/Lee Lip Pang September 14, 2012  

Nice shot,looks scary for a faint hearted.

Anonymous September 14, 2012  

Wonderful shot - but not for me...

Carole M. September 14, 2012  

I'm not so adventurous anymore; got to preserve what's left for on-the-ground

Joyful September 14, 2012  

I've never tried it. I'm not sure I could climb up there, let along go across :-)

eileeninmd September 14, 2012  

Great capture, the bridge looks a little scary. But, people probably love crossing it for fun. Happy Skywatching!

Carver September 14, 2012  

Beautiful shot of the sky through the shaking bridge.

Liz September 14, 2012  

Great shot! Happy sky watching.


Chubskulit Rose September 15, 2012  

Absolutely gorgeous!

Hope you'd come and see my sky shots also. Your comment will be greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend!

Serline September 16, 2012  

Nice capture! Have a great week!

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