Oct 6, 2014

Controlling Wasp from the House

They are neither bees nor an ant- they can be supremely beneficial for crop growth and killing of insects, but some of them may sting. And their presence in a home can be fear-evoking. That’s why you need to adopt wasp control methods to ensure that they don’t rest in your home, while their population is controlled as per your requirements.

Considering that wasp infestations can get out of hand very quickly, you can try any of the following products to control their aggression and infestation-

Beekeeper Suit
If you are nurturing wasps for certain agricultural or other reasons, it is recommended that you opt for a beekeeper pull over jacket and veil. This kind of product will provide you immediate and effective protection from wasp stings. The products come with round designs and hat styled crafting to ensure that they offer good visibility while keeping wasps off your face. Combine it with gloves leather for complete wasp control and protection.

Jet Sprays
What if a wasp tries to sting you? In such a situation, it is recommended that you use a jet spray for direct control of wasps. Products like Stingray Wasp and Hornet Spray come with fast action formula for quick results. These sprays release up to 20 feet to guarantee safety. Upon contact, the wasp will be instantly paralyzed. But if you don’t want something chemical, then eco-friendly products like Eco PCO Jet are an option for you. These products come with natural and organic pesticide, which offers immediate knockdown. They are non-allergic and safe to use because of their unscented, non-staining and CFC-free properties.

Deltamethrin Sometimes, the infestation may go out of hand. In such a situation, you might need the insecticide made through Deltamethrin. Products like Delta Dust are based on this chemical and they offer quicker wasp control.Delta dust in particular is an odorless, non-staining insecticide dust solution, which is waterproof and can be used for cracks, crevices, damp and moist areas well. 

Botanical Insecticide
Another eco-friendly solution, Botanical insecticides are designed to have no synthetic active ingredient. The ones that are used for wasp or bee control come with d-Limonene, which is derived from citrus peels. Because they don’t have any harmful side-effects, they are perfect to use in homes with small kids and pets.

Talstar Pro
A professional product for all round control, Talstar Pro can target over 75 different pests, including wasps. Perfect for indoor and outdoor uses, the pro lasts up to 3 months, providing residual treatment and control of wasps. It comes with no odor and no stain, is non-irritating on the skin and doesn’t break down with rain. This is the product that can be used indoors and outdoors.
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Author Bio:
I "Patricia Carter" am one of the ladies hating pests in houses. Actually I have a huge problem with them since childhood and that is the major reason of my profession in pest control because everyone wants their house pest-free but for me, 'its the first priority'. My knowledge is for everyone and I love sharing them to all. Apart from these, my favorite pass-time is cooking and reading about how to kill more of the pest safely.

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