Oct 2, 2014

Horses and Blue Sky

My husband captured it while we’re on the back of the horses that took us down from the horse terminal near the Bromo Peak to the foot of the Bromo Mountain (East Java, Indonesia). I asked for his help since I was too afraid of felling down from the horse.
 Those two horses stood on a great rocky spot. They look awesome against the bright blue sky.

8 komentar:

Anonymous October 03, 2014  

What a fabulous shot!

Gemma Wiseman October 03, 2014  

The white horse in particular has a mgical grandeur.

Leovi October 03, 2014  

That picture is very nice !

DeniseinVA October 03, 2014  

That is a magnificent photo Lina. I think you are very brave getting up on a horse :)

flizzy86 October 03, 2014  


Carver October 04, 2014  

Great shot of the horses against the blue sky.

Yogi♪♪♪ October 04, 2014  

I don't generally think of Indonesia when I think of horses, but there they are. Great shot.

Pearl Maple October 05, 2014  

wow that is a wonderful photo celebrating the great outdoors, thanks for sharing with SWF and your kind comments on my post

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