Oct 15, 2014

How to Make Eyelashes Stay Healthy

Having long and beautiful curved eyelashes certainly be the desire of every woman, but beautiful and healthy lashes -of course- remain the top priority. If you make mistakes in eyelash treatment, the health of your eyelashes will be easily disturbed such as lash loss or other problems arise.

But don’t worry; there are a few ways to make eyelashes keep healthy that you can apply easily. Some of them are:


1. Not wearing mascara every day.
Mascara will make lashes look gorgeous. However, you should use it wisely. It’s suggested not use it every day or every moment because it can damage your lashes. Use only on special events such as going to office, attending parties and so on. Always remember to keep it clean well after using the mascara.

2. Avoid using water proof mascara.
Use of water proof mascara makes it ​​durable and not easily fades. But actually, this type of mascara will be easier damage your lashes because it will be easily uprooted. If you must wear it for example photo shooting under water or other special occasions, don’t forget to clean it properly. In order to maximize the cleaning, it is better to use special cleaners for eyelashes.

3. Use eyelash serum.
Using serum can help eyelashes growing. You can use it in the night. This will help stimulating the growth while caring for lashes that wouldn’t easily fall out. Consult an expert for best appliance.

4. Keep your hands clean.
When currently holding lashes, your hands should be clean so that bacteria don’t disturb the health of your lashes. It’s a fact that in our hands, there are a lot of bacteria that could cause health problems or harm eyelashes.

5. Using fake lashes.
Another possible solution to get lovely lashes but safe to use is false eyelashes. You can install and remove it with ease. Don’t forget to always clean the eyelash from adhesive glue after every usage.
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