Oct 8, 2014

Maintain Posture during Pregnancy



Good and maintained posture during pregnancy can support your back and growing uterus. So, how to maintain good posture?

1. Standing position.
If standing for a long time, reduce back strain by putting one foot in a rather high place or change the fulcrum weight alternately on the upright leg.

Don’t forget to use low-heeled or flat shoes that can support your body comfortably.

2. Sitting position.
Growing uterus would be more presses back, especially when you sit down. Try knee -when you sit down- parallel to the pelvis. If possible, tuck a small pillow on the back.

3. Sleeping or resting position
Lying on one side with one knee bent. Insert the pillow between the legs and one in the abdomen so that the position of the spine stays aligned. When resting, place a pillow under your knees or feet. In order to keep smooth blood circulation for both mother and baby, avoid lying down with a flat back position in a long time.

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Ibu Fahim October 08, 2014  

Good info indeed...TQ...;-)

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