Sep 29, 2014

Exploring Astounding Street Shopping in Melbourne

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia after Sydney. It’s renowned as fashion capital of the country due to its status on fashion and shopping which attracts both locals and international visitors eager to discover latest trends and styles in the market. The city is full of shopping areas that offer different items to potential buyers. Among the best streets to explore for shopping in and around the Melbourne city include;

Bourke Street
Located in the Central business district the street has numerous stores and retail outlets that stock variety of items.
-The stores caters for diverse needs of shoppers.
-High end fashion stores available in this street to cater for high end shoppers.
-Women clothing, beauty products, jewellery and other accessories available to cater for the needs of women shoppers.
-Great cafes, restaurants, bars and other facilities makes this street an attraction to many visitors eager to discover what it has to offer.
-Favourite shopping street to both tourists and locals due to its location and variety of items on offer.

Chapel Street, Prahran
A busy street in the city’s suburbs that has many stores that cater for diverse needs of shoppers.
-Easily accessible through rail and road transport
-Has many retail stores that offer different items including women clothing, shoes, jewellery and other accessories.
-Attractive to many shoppers due quality of wares and great bargains offered by the stores.
-Different stores offer products to shoppers from diverse economic background thus attracting many shoppers to the area.

Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
Located a walking distance from the central business district the busy street has plenty to offer to shoppers.
-Popular with both locals and foreign tourists who visit the street to buy the items on offer and other requirements.
-Many retail outlets available stock women clothing, shoes, home wares and beauty products.
-There are exhibition centres in the street that offers varieties of items to shoppers at great bargains.
-Explore the street and discover great cafes, bars and restaurants while shopping.

Crossley Street
A small but busy street in the central business district with many outlets that offer many items catering for the diverse needs of shoppers.
-Many outlets offer women clothing, jewellery, beauty products and other accessories to quench the thirst of shoppers who frequent the street.
-The street has many features including cafes, restaurants and other facilities frequented by visitors and locals while on tour.
-Exhibition stalls available that offer great bargains to shoppers and are an attraction to the area.
-Several high end retail shops offer original labels and latest fashions.

High street, Armadale
Among the leading shopping streets in the city.
-The street has many fashion outlets to cater for diverse needs of shoppers from different economic status.
-The area is easily accessible through road and rail transport.
-There are many stores that offer high quality products at prices that are attractive to shoppers.
-Women needs are catered for as stores offer products including clothing, shoes , home wares, jewellery and beauty products to satisfy those needs. 
Melbourne has a lot to offer and visitors are welcome to explore and experience while on tour. Foreigners wishing to visit the country and city are required to have Australian visa to be allowed entry. Applied online or through country’s embassies worldwide. 

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