Sep 16, 2014

Pamper Your Body with Body Treatment Products

Since there are different types of body treatment products in the market, have your ever been confused when choosing the right product? Let's identify the following product for body treatments. After recognizing the product, give a special gift to yourself!

Base Oil
General definition: A type of oil that is helpful to mix the pure essential oil. This product usually doesn’t have a scent.
Benefits: Mix with pure essential oils to get the aroma or benefits you want.
How to use: Base oil that has been blended with pure essential oils in specific formulation useful for massage. The usage can be burned, applied topically as a moisturizer or shed.
Tip: Base oil that has been blended with pure essential oils should not be used more than 24 hours, due to the benefits of the materials contained therein will be reduced or changed.

Body Scrub or Body Exfoliator
General definition:  Body scrub containing granulates to help removing dead skin cells.
Benefit: Being able to make the skin more healthy, clean, bright, and soft.
How to use: Rub in a circular motion to the body to facilitate blood circulation to get rid off any dead skin cells.
Tip: Use one time a week on the moist and clean skin. It is intended that the dead skin cells to shed more easily and the skin doesn’t become irritated.

Body Butter
General definition: Creamy body moisturizer with dense texture. Contains more moisturizer so it is great for dry or very dry skin.
Benefits: Provides moisture to the body, making the body smooth, soft and healthy as well.
How to use: Apply thin evenly in all parts of the body.
Tip: Use on body parts with extra dry skin.

Body Salt
General definition: Salt that can be used for showering and bathing.
Benefits: relaxing tense muscles to reduce fatigue and stiffness due to a full day activity. Body salt is also beneficial to neutralize the scent of water.
How to use: Sprinkle a grain of salt to the water to soak in the bath up or down into the tub.
Tip: Usefulness may be more felt if done while taking a bath soak for 5-15 minutes.

Texture Soap
General definition: Solid body cleanser which serves to rid the body of the remaining dirt, dead skin, and the dust.
Benefits: The content in it makes your skin always be clean, healthy, soft, and moist.
How to use: Use this body washer on the body that previously had been rinsed by the water first.
Tip: For sensitive skin, don’t use any texture soap that contains aroma.

Body Masker or Body Mud
General definition: Body care products that usually in the form of a solid cream and used after scrubbing your body.
Benefits: Cleanse the skin thoroughly, leaving skin clear, moist, tender, and provide adequate moisture to the skin so that the skin doesn’t dry out.
How to use: Take the product adequately, then smeared all over the body in one direction and evenly. Let stand about 15 minutes, then wash.
Tip: Use once a week after the scrub. The result will be felt if the mask washed with warm water.

Body Lotion
General definition: body moisturizer, the texture is rather liquid and flavorful, ideal for normal to dry skin types.
Benefits: Makes dry skin becomes moist, soft, and smooth.
How to use: Use daily after bathing by massaging it into the entire body.
Tip: For sensitive skin types, it’s better to choose products that are not scented. The content of fragrance or scent in the product can cause irritation to this type of skin.

Shower Gel

General definition: The liquid body washer that formed in gel and usually scented fruit and flowers; it’s ideal for treating dry skin.
Benefits: Cleans and refreshes the skin, making the skin healthy, clean and fresh.
How to use: Pour a little on a  bath sponge, and then rubbed on all parts of the body.
Tip: To get abundant foam, wet bath sponge first. Moreover, the use of the sponge can save its usage.

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