Sep 25, 2014

The Perfect Gift for Your New Boyfriend

Buying a gift for a new boyfriend is tricky business. On the one hand, you want to get him something that stands apart from other gifts he’ll receive on his birthday or during the holiday season. At the same time, you absolutely do not want to come off as desperate or in a hurry to ratchet up the relationship before the proper time.

While there’s certainly no need to stress out over the gift selection, there is also no harm in giving it some thought so that you can come up with an ideal item. Generally, the best gifts to give a man in the early weeks of a new relationship is going to be something lightly personal (without being intimate) and either stylish, practical or fun and light-hearted. 

Women’s Perspectives has blogged in the past about gift ideas for your boyfriend. In this post, we’re going to focus specifically on appropriate gifts for a new man in your life. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Smart-Phone Gloves
Specially designed touch-screen gloves allow you to use a smart phone or tablet without having to take your gloves off first. It’s difficult to appreciate how convenient this is until you catch yourself out in the cold and needing to make a quick call or respond to an e-mail. Best of all, you won’t break the bank on these gloves. If he doesn’t already own a pair, he’ll absolutely love the new ones you buy him. Just be prepared, because he’ll probably be needing a new pair every year for the foreseeable future. 

Beer-Brewing Kit
This is one of the best Christmas present ideas for a new boyfriend, if only because the cold winter months are ideal for brewing beer. Outdoor sports and similar activities are more or less off the agenda when inclement weather strikes, and setting up your own homebrew operation is an ideal remedy to cabin fever. Readymade starter kits contain all the ingredients he’ll need to get brewing without any labour-intensive prep. If he has never made beer before, you may need to purchase a bit of equipment (such as an airlock and bottle brush). Other items, such as the brewing tank, can either be purchased or improvised. Bear in mind that it takes at least two weeks (but ideally more like a month) for the brew to be ready to drink. With that in mind, you may want to pick up a case of craft brew for him to enjoy while he’s making his new batch.  

Toy Helicopter
Yes, it’s a toy; and no, he’d probably never buy one for himself. The thing is, if he’s anything like the billions of other men living on the planet, he’ll absolutely love his toy helicopter. There are several different models on the market, beginning with very cheap radio-control models that won’t last that long right up to state-of-the-art model (read: too expensive for an early stage in the relationship) that can be outfitted with a GoPro video camera. For your new boyfriend’s purposes, consider an inexpensive toy helicopter that connects with an iPhone via Bluetooth. The iPhone then becomes the helicopter’s controller.

Golf-Ball-Finder Glasses
This could very well be something that he never even knew existed. But if he’s a golfer, he’ll absolutely love these glasses. They’re not particularly stylish, but that’s only because you’re not really supposed to put them on except when you are specifically looking for a golf ball at a distance on the green. The lenses are tinted blue, and anything white (such as a golf ball) is going to appear illuminated when viewed through these lenses. As such, monitoring long shots is no problem.  

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