Sep 3, 2014

Ironing Tips

Ironing is one household chore that is considered to be difficult and tedious. How about you? If you often fail when ironing your favorite shirt, do not despair. The following five ironing tips can lighten your load, without having to always rely on laundry services.

1. First, notice the label located on the inside of the shirt for recommended instructions on the temperature according to the type of material.

2. Ironing the shirt in a moist condition. Put your shirt into a clean plastic bag for approximately 40-60 minutes before ironed or spray with water to ease the process of ironing.

3. For shirt made ​​from stretch or spandex, ironing it with high temperature.

4. For sensitive or dark fabric, use the upholstery in between shirt and iron to avoid damage. You can use a thin towel or pillow case as a coating material.

5. Add a few twigs of lavender into the spraying bottle to get a fresh scent.

Happy ironing :)

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