Sep 9, 2014

Reduce Using High Heels

Many women consider using high heeled shoes to make her appear more attractive because the posture is higher than usual. Thus, women choose to wear heels to some visited places long time enough, without knowing that wearing heels too often is the same as the danger of carrying a heavy load in the bag, which can lead to paralysis.

The use of heels will bear the brunt of your entire body. Excessive wearing heels will cause the pain similar to that felt when a woman carrying a heavy load in the bag. By the time women use heels, her weight resting on the pedestal at the foot and avoiding toe or finger, thus it will make the load towards the waist.

The higher the heels, the more the woman leans forward. This condition makes the pelvis trying to balance the body position shifts from alignment that leads to the spinal compression. Fashion and work demands are usually the causes of women using heels. Women who often wear heels put themselves at the risk of injury -in the name of fashion.

This disease can’t be prevented through diet because it’s caused by the disc between the vertebrae pinched. The symptoms depend on the affected vertebrae and the severity level of the compressing or pinching.

If it happens in the neck vertebra, it will cause pain or stiffness in the neck or shoulder that spreads to the arms. Other symptoms include tingling or numbness that spreads to the arms. If more severe, it will be characterized by paralysis of the limbs. In the early stages, there will be weakness in grip, then the difficulties to lift the arm such as hair combing movement or buttoning a shirt. In more severe circumstances, paralysis will be followed by the other side of both legs

Same with lifting heavy bagsthe nerve clamping starts from cervical vertebrae, sternum, waistkidney and sit bones. It occurs due to load or trauma that injures the pads.

Solution: make sure you have some kind of shoes and wear heels only at certain moments. Select under 1 inch heels to make it more comfortable and safe for your  foot. Beyond the important moments, wear flat shoes or sandals so that your feet can be more relaxed and rested. Perform foot therapy. This can be done by walking over rounded stones or warm beach sand. Massage your feet regularly to accelerate blood circulation.

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sm September 09, 2014  

yes reducing use of high heels is good idea

Icy BC September 09, 2014  

I always admire women who wear these types of heels, but I don't want to be one of them..It's so bad for health reasons!

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