Sep 4, 2014

10 Causes of Women Stay Single

Allan and Barbara Pease, in their books Why Men Can Only Do One Thing at a Time and Women Never Stop Talking, said: the first standards of a man to approach a woman are physical attraction and personality. But, seeing the reality of today, it looks like the statement, perhaps, needs to be corrected. For now, a lot of beautiful women with attractive appearance, they are still single at the mature age. So, here are 10 possible causes and mistakes of women remain single.

1. Always want to look perfect.
Every stepping out of the house, this woman always wants to look perfect. This type of woman has a look like fresh from the salon. Physically, the appearance is pleasing to the eye, but be careful, this attitude may make any man reluctant to approach.

According to John Gray, the author of the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus; men with their egos, also have a need to be 'looked' beside his female partner. But, if you are looking too bright by his side, he feels himself less meaningful, and ultimately chose to give up.  

Don’t push yourself to always look perfect. It doesn’t mean you have to lower the standards of appearance, but just be human and natural.

2. Too selfish.
Feeling themselves beautiful and attractive, sometimes a woman wants to be obeyed all her wishes. Men will get tired of any woman who always demands all her wishes fulfilled.

In a love relationship, being each other and understand the couple is reasonable. A man generally acts to protect his girlfriend, but when forced to continue to give and give, after a long time he will be bored.

So for the first step, try to empathize. For example, you learn the wants and needs of your closest friend, such as the type of film or food that he likes. If the desires and needs are so different, negotiate for meeting a decision that pleases both sides.

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3. Too high criteria.
Often without realizing it, the increasing age is accompanied by a career establishment, causing some women ask too many terms in the search for the man of her dreams. Anyway, she may want to get all: good looks, compassionate, socially broad, high education, good career, to established financial condition.

Nobody's perfect, so the wise words sound. It is reasonable if you are who already reach for the stars desire a similar partner. If possible, he is much more powerful than you. Unfortunately, in the real life, it’s hard to find the perfect lover. Try to be realistic. Make a list of things, circumstances or character of the most desirable and don’t want from a partner. Then choose the most suitability and meet the priorities you set.

4. Too aggressive.
Maybe because they are pursued by age or physically feel attractive, some women wasting time passing through the approach process. Without realizing it, she becomes the initiator; starting first from pouring text messages to call for a date. It turns out that, even in today’s digital age, many men are still conservative-minded persons. They are afraid of a woman who continues to chase. As a result, instead of answering positively the excessive attention, most men actually stay away.

If you really like a man, it could not hurt to give response. But remember, don’t overdo it. Rarely men like to be pursued. Men still choose a woman who is able to show a mystery. If the dream man hasn’t yet called you back, try to be patient. Call or text him excessively -particularly in the early step- will only give the impression you are desperate.

5. Tempted adventurous man.
Adventurous man treats a woman like a queen expertly. They are happy to pamper women with abundant attention or gifts. Not surprisingly, this approach way makes many women crazy. But, it’s only temporary. Deal with an adventurous man is like riding a rollercoaster. At first you feel like in the air, but ultimately, only heartache and disappointment obtained. They only like to pursue women. Making you a steady partner? Wait a minute.

Many women desire men who approached them to treat them in a special way. Unfortunately, romantic men who are good in pampering women are generally adventurous. While straight men usually don’t know much about romantic restaurants or woman favorite items. So ladies, keep open the opportunity for men are less romantic or less like giving gifts. The important thing is he has sincere heart, loyal, and respects you as a partner.

Other five causes of keeping single women will be shared in the next post.

Data source: femina magazine.

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